About Us

I started my so called “spiritual training” in 2002 when I worked with a kinesiology psychotherapist and cabalist in Vienna. I then started an education and training in shamanism at the "House of Shaman" in Berlin, which actually continues until today, to become an "Ardent”. As part of my education in this field, I also took part in the kinesiology training to become an Omega Nei coach according to Roy Martina.

On my journey to learn about spirituality and alternative healing, I met a number of “seekers” - both men and women. All of them with one thing in common: the goal and curiosity to expand their consciousness, their empathy and their emotional compassion. But there was one more thing we had in common: getting information about where and how this spiritual education could be continued and where to find further help through teachers was very difficult. This information was a well kept secret and was something I wanted to change.

I didn´t think that this information should be confidential and only accessible to a few lucky people, who knew where to get the information and how to continue the spiritual training. I wanted to create a comprehensive platform that allows all those who are following the spiritual path to present their knowledge and be findable to those who are interested in learning more about it – A "spiritual network" that allows to communicate, improve and accelerate ancient human knowledge using the technical means of our time.

Over the years I have experienced that anyone engaged or interested in this topic is searching for “cure” in one form or another. Healing psychological mysteries or the physical symptoms caused by these, healing the great riddles of life, especially communicating with partners, healing the relationship with and answering questions about oneself, the encounter with a partner and, as a result, healing the communication with the surrounding society.

To provide all these seekers with quick and easy access to appropriate providers, the World Angels platform is not just a simple database with a complex search engine, but rather offers many opportunities to network with each other and for each other. Providers and seekers are invited to share, to establish groups, to recommend books, to write blogs, and much more. This tool allows anybody to learn about the comprehensive offerings and opportunities of alternative medicine.

Sylvia Leifheit

What are the “World Angels”?

The World Angels are an online network that exclusively deals with holistic healing methods, connects seekers and providers with each other, and provides better and faster access to holistic healing methods and related knowledge.

Why did you create the network?

I realized the following problem:

1. Our world is about to change and this change leaves a lot of questions unanswered. People dealing with or who are engaging in energy healing are still considered a minority and are not given the attention they deserve. It appears that there are "only a handful of people" engaging with alternative healing and I wanted to use my reputation and name to change this feeling about "not being recognized and valued", change and expand the common perception.

2. I myself have experienced these types of healing methods and what they can do and so it was very important to me to provide other people with the access to these methods.

3. The Internet and its potential in this area is somewhat undetected. What is critical is that it offers the possibility of making information quickly accessible to a broad audience. And given that alternative therapies and healing methods are still viewed critically by most people, it was important to me to add an integrated assessment system to the platform.

Nobody is able to better judge if someone has real healing powers or if it is just quackery than a client. – My goal is to separate the wheat from the chaff without having to do it myself, which I don´t feel able or qualified to do. It is a measure which was very much needed and which, I am sure, will over the next few years become more and more popular.

Where does the name World Angels come from?

I received the name and the logo through meditating.

Do you have any tips or suggestions?

Unfortunately, most energy healers only rarely use computers and the internet. My primary goal is therefore to open their awareness to use it as a tool, at a time when people are at the verge, in which the expectation of healers to find "other new types of communication" is not up to date, but is far ahead of us.

The Internet is a great tool to provide seekers with important information and allow providers to find clients faster. Those who think that the Internet is a quirk of humanity may be right in some way, but we are a part of this "quirk ," so why not use its potential?

What is your advise for providers?

As just mentioned, in the first place, I advise anybody interested to join, to be there. To be found.

But I also want to point out very clearly how this network works. Just like in any other network you can be an active member or a passive member. How to approach and use the network is up to each individual person and what they want to achieve.

You can write blogs, create groups, and become involved. Write articles, setup events, ask for comments and allow others to see how you work, draw the customer’s attention to your page and ask them to review your work. A customer with recessions is more likely to be contacted than somebody without any comments.

You can recommend books, CDs, or DVDs about a specific topic online. You can also upload personally composed pieces, almost like writing your first book, or you can advertise meeting rooms or rent your apartment to people who are attending a nearby seminar – and the possibilities are constantly growing.

Most importantly, the provider will be able to ask his patient to leave a note or recommendation and to evaluate him as a practitioner. Over time, seekers or potential patients will most likely chose those who already have ratings than those who don´t have any recommendations.

What is your advice for seekers?

I advise seekers to do their research and use the reviews to determine how individual providers work.

What is your goal for the World Angels?

I have already mentioned many goals, but I´d like to stress again that I hope for healers to clearly recognize and fully utilize the potential of the platform and that the community will grow more and more. Together we are strong and when we are strong we can achieve more in this world!