by Ryan Gavini, 22.10.16 08:15

Messages Revealed in 2001 to 2014


At 12 noon, while I was driving on October 15, 2001, all of a sudden, I heard a Voice without an audible sound. It was my first experience of something metaphysical. The Voice was persistent in telling me that I have to write something. When I arrived in the house, I told my wife that I would take my lunch after writing something very important. She noticed my unusual look. I went inside our room all alone and locked the door.

Then I started to write down what The Voice was telling me. It was like I suddenly saw Words in my mind when The Voice was speaking that my hand moved spontaneously. The transcription ended on Feb. 17, 2014 at 5 in the afternoon.

CHAPTER 1 - THE VOICE in 2001 to 2004

Go ahead and write these down. You are one of the many I have talked to. If no one believes in you, it doesn't matter. What's important is that you are given the opportunity to enlighten others...those who are open and seeking for peace and truth in the midst of suffering.

This is what you have asked for...for a very long time. It is worth the wait. I am ready to give you wonderful messages because you wanted it. Your soul is so old and very much tired. I am now giving you rest. You accept my offer and let’s suffer for the last time. Here is the duality. Take the biggest suffering so you can claim perfect rest.

Seek and you behold the truth right before you. I have seen your passion, desire and extreme aspiration to talk to me. Now I am talking to you. Of course, you cannot contain all my words. This is just part of the whole truth. He got a part and now it’s your turn to take the slice.

I choose everyone of you. The questions are… Who responds? Who answers? Who says yes to me? When you say yes to me, I give you messages. When you follow my messages, I empower you. When you actualize the power in you, you will teach, enlighten and heal humanity.

It’s not the question of worthiness but it’s the question of your willingness to take the risk.

You live these messages so you can be an authentic inspiration to others. You may feel betrayed and rejected if you share these truths but your soul wins.

Jesus Christ healed the ailments of human bodies but it was just the effect of His abundant kindness. I give you the power to talk with spirit…moving and touching others. Remember, it was kindness that Jesus healed others. Without you being kind, your words, sermons and lectures will just be like a gong. Your kindness will inspire and because of that, the body responds to the touched spirit.

Truth is who you are. Truth is making you go back on who you really are in the first place. Truth is making you realize that you and I are one. Interpreting it deeply will get you to the true image of me and you.

Every human being in this world and I are one. We are the same. You are now returning to me where you truly belong. Your mission is to help others return to me. They need you. My people are lost. They are overshadowed with the physical survival and the indulgence of the flesh. You help me find their truest image. You help me collect them and return them to me. The world is not going to end yet. The world will end when everyone finds their truest image and live with that image consistently.

I give you the gift of tongue. I give you the gift of wisdom. You will observe that the gift will be intense as you touch, enlighten, convert and heal more people.

I already told you that you have the gift of tongue. You have the gift of wisdom. Name it. You even have the gift of healing. Just rekindle the skill you had before in your previous lifetime. It is all within you. In the ultimate reality, I do not even have to give these gifts because you already have them. What I am doing here is making you aware and remember. Slowly, you are remembering what you already knew before. Books are coming in. Coincidence? No. It is always a plan. You plan. You desire. You long. You thirst and now it is here. You knock and the door is wide open. Little by little, you will speak more of those deepest and largest truths in the universe.

Have faith both in yourself and in me without doubt and question. You will be given with the tongues of my Holy Spirit. You will say things like you never knew before. Your words will enlighten, inspire, convert and heal the people of this planet. Ultimately, you will know no fear. All you know is love, forgiveness and peace.

You are truly moving higher. In the blink of your eyes, you are moving upward that everything is so fast that time cannot contain. Well, you move fast because your previous cries, preparations and sacrifices in your previous life had pushed your soul way up this high. The amount of the cries of your soul has enough strong energy to push you up this high.

Your mission is starting to execute. Your soul is now preparing like a man who is trying to fix the lace of his shoes so he can put his feet on the mark as the track and field competition begins. The big difference is that you compete with other men and women who have other interests. In the track and field game, all players have one vision and that is to win as the fastest person as a runner. In this competition, you compete with others who want to rule this world in the wrong direction. I want you to overtake them so this planet of yours will be saved from destruction. I give you the mission to run faster than them so they will avert their ways and instead follow your lane.

The future of your planet is in your hands.

Do not fear. In fact, never fear which means, know no fear. If you know nothing of fear, you will win the souls and save this world.

Remember, we are one. You are me. I am you as I am everyone of you. I am giving this mission for you so everyone of you will live someday as one.

In the blink of your eyes, everything will radically change. People cannot believe. You will be ridiculed. They will leave you. Be prepared for the most beautiful moment of your life.

You will start in your own locality and in no time at the blink of an eye, you will reach out to the world, crossing from one country to country without knowing any difference of race and culture.

Never worry. In fact, never think on what you will say and do. Everything will be provided. You live in the age of information highway. This is part of the plan. I give you the freedom on what you want to do.

Your planet is in great danger. The human beings in your planet are so much occupied with greed and materialism. The destruction is faster in the years to come.

Again, never worry. Everything will be provided for you. However, you will be acting at your own free choice and will. You can still deny this and live your life like anyone else.

These will be the words which your teachings must be based.

My child, listen to me. I am God. I am your God. Listen to me not with your ears. Listen to me in your mind. You can hear my voice clearly when your spirit feels what you think in your mind.

What I am saying is nothing new. What I am saying has already been written by authors who were inspired by my Holy Spirit. I say these words in a simple and direct manner.

It is not necessary to totally understand what I am saying for you will not be able to. There is a mystery. Live with the mystery. It is not necessary to gain complete knowledge of what I am saying for it is impossible. There is a mystery. Live with the mystery.

If I give you the possibility of acquiring absolute knowledge and understanding, then you will be lost on the main purpose of your existence in planet Earth. Absolute knowledge and understanding are achieved when you will be here with me in Heaven where there is perfect happiness and peace forever.

You will be here with me in Heaven someday. Many are already here. You can’t be not here in the ultimate end. I am waiting for you to be here. I am waiting in unlimited patience. Take your time. There is no deadline but I highly desire that this particular lifetime of yours will be the deadline.

You choose freely. Do not be forced nor be motivated by fear. The way to be here is not by fear. You, yourself, will not come here if you still have fear in your spirit. My will for you is to decide freely without a single drop of fear.

You may choose not to believe that this is me, God, talking to you right now. You may choose not to believe that these are my words. It is okay with me. Anyway, I am present everywhere.

I talk to anyone. You can read my words in any writing. You can listen to my voice in any way. I talk to you clearly as you are in silence and peace.

I am talking to you. Yes, I am talking to you right now at this very moment. You are not mistaken. You are not in the state of illusion or imagination. Your mental health is normal. Yet choose to believe me or not.

If you do not understand what I am saying. Just remember this. We are all one. If you do not understand that statement, then live with the mystery and you will understand in due time.

Let’s begin...

I am God. I am your God. I am the one who created all of you. I am the same God of the past. I am the present living God. I will always be your one, unchanging and unconditionally loving God.

I am the same God of those who belong in a religion and of those who do not belong in any religion. There is no difference at all.

I can be found inside the church or outside of it.

I am the same God of those who know me and of those who do not know me. There is no difference at all.

There are many who say that they do not know me but deep inside their spirits, I know that they know me because they respect and care for each other. There are many who say that I do not exist but deep inside their spirits, I know that I exist in their lives because they long for someone who would respect and care for them. They just don’t declare that they know me or that I exist.

What matters most is when you love yourself and others without conditions.

I am your living God. You can see and touch me physically.

I am you. I am he. I am she. I am them. You are me. They are me. I am anyone. Anyone is me. We are all one.

Someone said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.”

You are the way, the truth and the life.

When you see yourself as the way, the truth and the life, then you highly value yourself. You are the way to Heaven. When you see others as the the way, the truth and the life, then you would never disregard them. They are the ways to Heaven. We are all the ways to Heaven.

When you care for yourself, you care for me. When you care for someone, you care for me. When you are being cared by someone, I am the one who cares for you through that someone. When you long for someone who cares for you, I am here. Just call on your mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, son, daughter, friend or someone who is a human being.

I am in anyone. Yes, I am in anyone.

I am your living God. You can see and touch me physically.

When you hurt someone, you hurt me. When you hurt yourself, you hurt me. When you are hurt by someone, I am hurt too. When you feel that that you are afraid of someone, you are afraid of me.

Literally, what you do unto others, you do it unto me. The only difference is that I do not suffer the pain of hurt while you suffer. I just feel your pain. I just share your pain.

I am God. I am perfect. My being a God does not decrease even if you kill yourself or even if you kill each other or even if you desecrate me in any way. My being a God remains to be absolutely perfect even if you destroy your mother nature. My being a God does not increase even if you build the biggest church in honor of my name.

I am God. You are God. You are all Gods for you are all created in my image and likeness. The only difference is that I live my being a God while you live you are not god or you live like you do not have a god.

When you live like you are not god, you can hurt or kill yourself. When you live like you do not have a god, you can hurt or kill others. Live like you have a God and then you will see others as Gods.

When you see a person, that person is you. That me.

We are all one. Someone said, “God, I pray that we may all be one.”

I am God. You are on your way to be like God. You are on your way to be like me.

I am your living God. You can see and touch me physically.

When a person hurts you, I am still present in that person who hurts you but I do not do the hurt for I do not do that. That person is exercising his free will apart from my will. My will is for you to love each other unconditionally and when you do, you truly love me. But fear not, when you cannot even just respect each other, you will...someday.

Someday, you will love each other without conditions.

When you kill yourself or someone, you kill me. When you are killed, I am killed. But fear not, I do not die. You do not die. We all do not die. What you know of death is not forever. When you see someone dies, his spirit leaves the body. His spirit reincarnates into another body or when the person has loved unconditionally, he leaves his body and his spirit joins with me in Heaven forever.

I created you so I have someone to share my perfect happiness. I can never be truly happy if I am just alone here in Heaven. But before you can share my perfect happiness here in Heaven, you must freely choose to love me unconditionally as I love you all without conditions.

You can love me unconditionally when you love others without conditions. That is the main purpose of your existence in planet Earth. Do not forget that. Always put that in your mind above all. That is what matters most in your life. That is the most important lesson you must learn and master consistently. That is the most wonderful act you can do. That is what pleases me most and nothing else. Yes, nothing else. Virtually nothing else…

I give you chances to do it. There is reincarnation for you to renew yourself.

There is no eternal punishment. There is only temporal punishment. I really do not call it punishment for I do not punish. I call it a learning process. I want you to learn. In fact, you do the learning to yourself.

What you sow, you reap. What you do unto others, you do it both unto yourself and unto me. The only difference is that I do not experience the effect on what you do unto others. You will actually experience the effect of what you do unto others.

There is no end of your world. The word will end when everybody in your planet will love each other without conditions.

I am God, the Perfect One, the Uncreated Creator, the Unmoved Mover and the Uncaused Cause of everyone and everything.

I tell you that I love all of you. My unconditional love is the same and equal for all of you. No one is special in my eyes. Every one of you is special and pleasing in my eyes.

I feel your pain and joy because I am your Creator.

I am one with you as you are one with me. But before you can be perfectly one with me, you must be one with each other. Being one is achieved in unconditional love. When you achieve it, you will leave your body as you rest and live in perfect happiness and peace with me forever in Heaven.

As I am talking you, nothing may change in your life. You may still go on with your usual ways. You may still be immersed with your physical survival in your planet. You may still believe and live that you are separate from others. You mat still want to get rich materially. You may still want to be famous. You may still want to enjoy life’s pleasures and comforts.

You may still have fear, avoidance, gluttony, laziness, pride, deceit, envy, greed, anger, revenge, violence or lust in you. Those are your usual ways to get what you want. I tell you that it is okay with me. In fact, those are your starting points so you can cross to the other land.

The starting point is where you thirst for real happiness in your life.

There are many ways or bridges to cross to the other land. This other land is the only land where you find real happiness leading you to perfect happiness and peace with me here in Heaven forever.

Heaven is the one universal destination.

There are several bridges yet there is only one universal land leading to one universal destination.

Remember, there are many ways. I give you the freedom on which way you may take. There is no better or lesser way.

In taking a particular way of your choice, just be fully aware. Be fully aware that you are a three-part human being. You are physical, mental and spiritual. You are the body, mind and spirit. You are the Holy Trinity. You are three in one.

You truly feel that you are happy every time you are kind to someone. Your deed of kindness is the function of your spiritual part. Feeling is the language of the spirit.

You give food to someone who is hungry. The movement of your bodily parts in expressing tangibly your kindness is the function of your physical part. Touch is the language of the body.

You are kind to someone because you think it is both good and the right thing to do. You understand on what you are doing and you decide for it. Decision is the language of the mind.

The three are interconnected with each other. One cannot exist without the other. One cannot function well if the other two are not functioning well. The two cannot function well if the other is not functioning well. The three must co-exist and must function well.

Utilize fully your being a three-part human being in whatever way you may take so you can cross successfully to the other land.

Like a traveler, you must bring something. Bring this statement with you and live with it daily. “I must love myself without conditions. I cannot love others unconditionally if I do not love myself first.”

Loving yourself is taking good care of your three parts.

Be free in whatever way you may take. Be fully aware that you are a three-part human being. Utilize them fully. Feed them right so the three can function well. And do not forget to bring the statement. I tell you, my child, there is no way that you cannot be here in the ultimate end.

Let me say something about your physical being.

Love your body. It is the instrument of your energy to love by helping others. Kindness is the universal language of being helpful.

Feed your body so it can function well. What you eat has an effect not only to your body but also to your mind and spirit.

Do not eat any animal except fish. Animals are not designed for human consumption. They are designed for maintaining the ecological balance in your planet. If you eat an animal, you acquire its traits. An animal acts by instinct and impulse. Instinct and impulse block you to help someone. Instinct and impulse may cause you to help but with conditions. You will have no spirit of true kindness. Like an animal, you become greedy, immoderate, lustful, lazy and angry.

Do not eat and drink anything which has chemical preservatives and alcohol. Do not smoke. Do not take in those dangerous drugs. These are poisons to your mind. These will cause you to see others as separate from you. You can hurt, disrespect, lie, rape, or kill.

With those continued intake, your attitude will be based on fear, avoidance, gluttony, laziness, pride, deceit, envy, greed, anger, revenge, violence and lust. With those continued intake, your body will be weary. You will get sick. You will suffer. Your death will be useless.

Rest. Sleep regularly. They renew and revitalize your energy.

Exercise regularly. The best exercise is cleaning the place you live. Regular exercise builds a strong heart. Having a strong heart means having an enormous physical energy needed to help others. You can help without complaints.

Eat and drink right. Rest. Exercise. Those three are the most important ingredients on what make the body function well.

Let me say something on the mental part of your being.

Love your mind. It is your instrument of producing ideas on what you can do to help others and how to do it.

Feed your mind so it can function well. Positivity is the best food that you can give to your mind.

A positive or negative action is the result of the word spoken from the thought in your mind.

What you think, you become. As you think, then you are…

When you think positive, you speak positive. When you speak positive, you act positive. Positive actions are based on being courageous, enduring, joyful, active, humble, honest, harmonious, kind, patient, merciful, peaceful and on being pure. Kindness to others is the most wonderful positive act.

When you think negative, you speak negative. When you speak negative, you act negative.

If there is a negative thought that comes to your mind, just say to yourself, “It’s okay. God, purify my thoughts.” Then let your negative thought slip away.

If there is a person that makes you think negative, just say to yourself, “God, enlighten that person. Guide him to the right path.” Then let your negative thought of that person slip away.

If there is a negative word you are about to say, just be silent. If you can stop thinking negatively, then stop thinking negatively. If you can stop saying negatively, then stop saying negatively before it becomes a negative action.

Negative actions are based on fear, avoidance, gluttony, laziness, pride, deceit, envy, greed, anger, revenge, violence and lust. All those actions start from a single thought in your mind. Greed to others is the most terrible negative act. Fear and anger are the most powerful negative thoughts. Fear is expressed in insecurity and worry while anger is expressed in disappointment and disgust.

What you think will have an effect not only to your mind but also to your body and spirit.

Negative thoughts cripple your mind. You cannot think well. You cannot even think of helping others. You can go mentally ill. Negative thoughts will cause your spirit to feel sadness, loneliness and emptiness without limit. You think and feel that no one loves you. You think and feel that no one even cares for you. Then your body will react and develop sickness. Your death will be useless.

Feed your mind right so you will have the motivation to be kind to others.

See the reason behind every event that you consider undesirable. Every event that occurs into your life has a good purpose. Every event makes you undergo a process. Remember it is not just a single event, it is not just a single process. Every event makes you learn. More events mean more processes. More processes mean more learnings as you become a better person being prepared to be kind for others. With that wisdom, you will not be sad, worried, fearful or filled with anger. Then you think positive. So there is no reason why you should not be kind to others.

Feed your mind right. Learn to imagine and envision. These two can condition your mind to positivity.

Imagine that you are very happy being someone you dearly love. Think and relive in your mind those happy memories of your past. Envision that you have made many people happy. Envision that you are very old yet you enjoy peace and good health. Envision that you are sitting one day as you stare at the skies saying these words to yourself… “God, I have done my best. I have lived my life to the fullest. I am so happy. I am very fulfilled. Thank you. Thank you.”

Positive thoughts are cultured and developed through silence. Silence is the most beautiful music in your planet. Silence is best played in solitariness. Silence stimulates the mind which causes to invite my Holy Spirit to come into your midst.

In silence, you pray. Pray in gratitude. Then talk to me. I am listening. Thank me for your life whatever your situation is. Thank me for my goodness and love for you in spite of. Thank me for the people around you for they give you the opportunity to be kind. Above all, thank me for I am always with you.

I never left you in your pains. You are the one who left me. You are the one who takes me away from your mind. Put me back into your mind. Let me get into your thoughts for I will give you wisdom. Wisdom is a lesson learned in whatever event you experience. Wisdom is a lesson learned and lived. Wisdom will drive anger and fear away. That is what you call, peace of mind. Yes, it is peace of mind, my child.

Let me say something about the spiritual part of your being.

Your spirit is the center of your being. It is the main driving force of your being which the mind and body follow.

I created you in my image and likeness. Your spirit is my image and likeness. So you are God. Yes, you are God.

My spirit is perfect. My spirit is perfectly courageous, enduring, joyful, active, humble, honest, harmonious, kind, patient, merciful, peaceful and pure. Those are the twelve pillars of the spirit which constitute unconditional love. Your spirit is on the process of building the pillars to perfection.

Someone said, “Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.”

Your human life is traveling towards perfection. Your spirit is the unseen force for you to be perfect.

Remember always, my child. Never forget this. Always put this on your mind. This is the only statement I want you to memorize. “What you do to others, you do it to yourself. That someone is you.”

Say this silently in your mind. “What I do to others, I do it to myself. That someone is me.”

Carry that statement in your mind, body and spirit and live it everyday. Yes, my child, everyday. That is the biggest truth and the greatest mystery of your human life. If you live with that truth always, you will become perfect someday.

Be perfect, my child, in this particular lifetime of yours. That is what I highly desire.

It is now time for you to live this Word.

I am always with you.

You cannot see me with your physical eyes. You can feel me. You can see me with your physical eyes. You can touch me.

I am always with you, my child. I can’t not be with you.

I love you so much. You are my most precious creation. I created you with all my overflowing joy!

How can I reject you! How can I put you in eternal suffering! I cannot reject you. I cannot put you in eternal suffering and pain. Do not worry, my child. The pain is only temporary. Do not blame me with your pain. I do not give you pain. I only give you peace and happiness. You are the one who created pain to yourself. I cannot give you pain for I am not that way. I am the God of pure happiness and gladness. I do not know any pain. I only know pain when you started creating pain to yourself and to each other.

I love you so much, my child, that I do not want to lose a single human being in planet Earth. How can I lose you when no one will be lost in the ultimate end!

I love you so much, my child. How can I express my great love for you which you can contain and understand in your mind? How can I translate my supreme love for you in this language? This language is very limited in expressing my abundant love for you.

I love you with all my heart. I love you with all my mind. I love you with all my spirit. I love you, my child. What more can I say besides I truly love you!

Do not worry, my child. You will come back here with me in my arms. Do not be sad, my child. We will be together here forever. And you will never cry again. And you will never suffer in pain. No more, my child. No more...

I will wait for you. I will always wait for your coming. I will never lose my patience in waiting for your homecoming. When you will be here, I will rejoice as the angels will sing and dance for joy! We will celebrate as I open my arms for you! I will embrace you and touch your head with my hands as I look closely into your eyes with tears. And I will embrace you again and again! I will carry you and let you dance with the music of my angels!

Yes, my child, we will be happy forever. Yes, forever, without end...


So what are you going to do? These will be the words you would circulate as fast as you can. Here it is…

Listen to me, my sons and daughters of planet Earth. I am God. I am what I am. Listen if you have ears. Understand if you have an intellect. Feel the truth if you have a heart.

What happened in some parts of Asia and Africa can happen again anywhere in the globe at anytime which you do not expect. What happened last year on the last month was simply the reaction of nature. It was purely a matter of cause and effect.

You have hurt mother nature and she hurts you back. And it seems you did not get the meaning of that tragedy. You still go on with our usual ways…still continuing to hurt the seas, the air and the forest. Worse, you still hurt and kill each other.

How will you ever learn the simplest lesson of all? When will you learn and live it? When?...when your planet is about to die because you did not take care of it?

When?...when it is all too late because the greatest cataclysm is here and almost all of your countries are submerged?

What can happen this year or in the coming years will be greater than what happened last year. The death toll can be multiplied.

Bear in mind, I am not punishing you. I’m here to simply warn you of what will eventually occur. This is the law of nature which I, myself, will not hinder. It’s a natural order of the cosmos. If it is needed to submerge all countries in order to radically renew all things, then would I block the simple beauty of the natural order of the universe?

Pay attention, my children, for I am talking in dualistic manner. However, I can reverse of what may somehow horrify you. How can I not reverse when I am the God here!

Listen closely, closer than ever before. These are the following courses of action which you must do collectively and globally in order to reverse the prediction. You, yourself, can reverse anything! How can you not reverse anything when I have all created you in my image and likeness! How can you not break the laws of nature when you are all Gods like me! This is the right time to live your truest nature and that’s being a God.

Being a God does not mean singular. It means literally universal. When you are all Gods, there is no need to declare arrogantly that you are God when you are all Gods!

What magnificent power you can create! I want you all to be Gods in order you can save your planet Earth which is terribly dying. These are the actions which you all must do, not out of being forced nor out of fear but rather, out of your unconditional love for others.

First, stop polluting the air, the seas and the land.

Second, stop killing the living things which give you protection.

Third, stop manufacturing things which can harm the human body, mind and spirit.

Fourth, stop the corruption in your governments and in your churches.

Fifth, stop arguing and fighting in the name of religion. I tell you, no one is better or lesser in my eyes. What matters is when you love each other unconditionally.

Sixth, stop killing and hurting each other. Forgive one another for it is in forgiveness that repercussions of all negative acts will come to an end.

Seventh, stop your greed, materialism and indulgence of the flesh.

Eight, stop your pursuit to progress technologically, economically or whatever you want to call it. What I ask is only your spiritual advancement.

Ninth, stop being so concerned only with your own families by blood as you call it. Love must go beyond that. You must also be concerned for the welfare of even those whom you do not know personally.

Lastly, there are more I have to tell but you might not remember and practice. This is it for now…for the meantime as you have not much time to save your planet.

Let me leave you with this most important, ancient wisdom but overlooked and disregarded. And that is… "What you do to others, you do it to yourself." That is the simplest in saying that…for you not to forget always.

Memorize this… “What I do to others, I do it to myself.” That is the most powerful wisdom you must live every ticking of your clocks. This is it for now.

Live these 10 orders now for there is no other time but now. Now is eternity. But you must do this without being forced. Do this without fear. If you are afraid, you cannot succeed in even following only one order.

Go, my children. Go…you, who are my image and likeness.

I love you all equally. I love you all more than you can comprehend. I love you all, my children. Until then…


You can’t deny me. You may still stay away from me and go to the other direction. You intentionally do things which could trap you to the illusions of the material world. Yet here I am…waiting for you to come back to me.

You tried very hard to shut down my voice within your heart and mind. Yet still, I made you say again and again that, “We’ll do it.” And that what we have started, we will accomplish.

I was trying to talk to you but you were afraid. I understand. So much complicated events came to you which you were not fully prepared.

But I never left you. I told you…I was true to my words.

What was happening for the past nine years was all but for you to see the difference. You saw two different sides of the coin. Just as you see the sunrise, you also have to see the sunset. You saw the words in your mind and felt it in your heart. You also saw the emptiness as if there was no meaning at all of what I have revealed to you starting 2001.

It was all but a difference, my son.

Now you see both sides of the story. Where will you go now? In fact, I already know where you will go. You’re going back to me because it’s where you will be completed.

Finally, in truest sense of the word, you and I will become one. What I say, you say. What you say, I say. In other words, whatever you will create in the truest intention of unconditional love, that’s my creation as well.

I created you because you will do what will truly reflect my image and likeness. You are one of the many from the past. On this very generation, you are the one. You kept on denying that but in the end, you will still see yourself in the mirror of the universe that you are the one.

I love you, my son, in the human race.

Indeed, you have experienced different drama of being human. You committed different kind of sins. You almost had it all in your previous lifetimes. But now here you are in my presence again…in my unmistakable Divine presence.

Go back to where you have left. Remember, what you say, I say. What you do, I do. Of course, there is only one guide and that is…in the purest intention of unconditional love.

However, make no mistake. You got to earn what’s due for you but only what’s needed for you to survive physically…for you, for your wife and for your two kids.

Survival means you and your family stands on your own. You don’t beg money from others. Again, get what’s due for you. You already know what that means.

I have been giving you signs because you don’t want to write down my words and listen to my messages. Sometimes, big signs such as to what had just happened to your country last year. But don’t get that wrong. I didn’t will it. Your whole population had subconsciously willed it to happen. I just allowed it to happen too soon enough for you to open you eyes and feel the sense of urgency.

But then again, it’s up to you.

Go now and pick up your two sons. They are your extensions of who you truly are. Sooner or later, they will help you expand your religion which we have already called it a while ago, THE WORD.

Remember, my son, I know you already know this but I will say it again. You can’t be who you are not. You are me and I am you. We are one. I mean, you and me…
I love you, my son, I will always love you…

(end of The Voice)


As I write this epilogue, it’s October 18, 2016 at my residence in Mandaue. I keep looking back to what happened to me. I try hard again and again to analyze what could be the factors which made me write spontaneously the Words which I saw in my mind every time The Voice was speaking.

It could be the innumerable books I’ve read…special mention to the ones which greatly moved me such as 'Conversation with God' by Neale Donald Walsch, 'A Course in Miracles' by Helen Schucman and 'The Holy Bible'.

It could be my persistent longing since childhood to have a direct experience with God like what happened to the saints of the Catholic church. As a result, my deep desire to know the true meaning and purpose of my existence in this world could have been profoundly developed, leading to a possibility that I subconsciously created the experience of what I wanted to happen.

Whatever it is, the factual question remains a mystery to me on why there was a sudden Voice which started to speak on my mind, out of nowhere. It was exactly 12 noon on October 15, 2001 when I looked at the watch of the dashboard while I was driving. The first words of the Voice, "GO AHEAD AND WRITE THESE DOWN," kept banging on my head that I had to hurry home and pick up a pen and paper.

With all my honesty, it was totally unexpected. Everything was totally unexpected that every Word I wrote was purely moved by a mysterious force beyond my control. If you don’t believe in that premise, you might say, I’m making all these things up. And that’s okay for it is but normal to reject anything without any proof. In the first place, you were not a witness during those times of my automatic writing experience.

Anyhow, I have to ask myself these unavoidable questions: Have I lived the messages of The Voice who is identified here as God? Yes but oftentimes, I fail. Have I followed His instructions? Yes but I stopped. I resumed but I stopped again. I couldn’t count the times where I fell into that repetitive cycle.

How about asking myself if I really believe that this Voice in my head is really God?

Fifteen years had passed since 2001. I’ve now come into full circle of fathoming Genesis 1: 26- 27 that God intended to create mankind in His own image and likeness. However, the process of becoming like God will not be completed unless we think, speak and act like Him. What I claimed that The Voice is of God is actually the moment when I finally evolved to be ready to listen to His Words in the purest form. His Words constitute the writings of different evolved authors but making them all condensed in a clear, simple and direct manner, suiting to my need.

The challenge then is to be in the same frequency of His thoughts so I can speak and practice it consistently until I completely become like Him. This kind of paradigm had already been done successfully by many spiritual masters, known and unknown. It can’t be denied. This takes a lot of personal effort and unwavering determination which I’m still struggling to achieve.

Thank you for taking the time in reading The Word. I hope you learn something. God bless you, my dear reader.

Ryan Gavini


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