Is There a Healer Today Like Jesus Christ?

The miracles of Jesus Christ which he performed were healing the sick, changing water into wine, walking in the sea, multiplying bread and fish and even raising the dead back to life. Those were just some of the extraordinary phenomena recorded in the Gospels. If you research enough and travel to gather documents, you might be surprised that what Jesus had done, had also been done by certain individuals who were spiritually advanced. Most of these persons are not known and publicized. They’d rather keep it to themselves because being famous could tempt them to be spiritually lost. In fact, they’d always tell their followers not to spread their deeds.

When you reach a high level of spiritual evolution, it is normal that you share the supernatural powers with the Universe and its Divine Creator. Jesus was like those individuals. Performing miracles was not done as an end to show off. Most likely, He did not plan in exhibiting those feats. He did it in order to transmit a spiritual message which should be remembered and lived by.

Since people, in His time, were hard headed and stone hearted, sometimes, He had to translate His sublime teachings into miracles which people can see in their eyes so they would understand more on what He really meant, penetrating the message into their lives.

Is There a Healer Today Like Jesus Christ?


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