June 2013 - 'Midsummer Solstice Issue' Download the full article 08.06.2013

As the Sun approaches its zenith, and a steady round of solar flares ushers us into this season of heat and light, anyone can see that we are at a tipping point. The Summer Solstice alone, would be enough to take us right over the edge; after all, Midsummer Night is the moment when light and darkness merge to become one and the same thing. To many, it is the most magical night of the year. This time around, The Solar force is flexing itself with new forms of energy. The light from within it is inseminating the Earth with information, and teachings, and signs, and messages, all of which beckon us to open our eyes and wake up. Glorifying the skies with its brilliance, and in the same moment surrendering itself to the heart of the Earth, as waves of consciousness filter through the Veil, they have come to remind us who we really are. The spark of light that remembers unity is about to be reignited. When the dance that goes on between the dark and the light is alchemically transformed by forces that are out of this world, we will know what it means to enter our hearts and return to the place where the language of Truth and Light is spoken everywhere. Welcome to our Midsummer Solstice edition. If you take anything from the articles and the media presentations that are showcased here, it is our wish that you bring all of it home to nourish your highest visions, and light up the Truth that lives at the heart of your own world.

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