The Existence of God

The Existence of God

by Ryan Gavini, 08.04.16 16:28

The questions are: Is there really a God? Is there someone so great who created us and all these things we see around us? Is there only one God? If there is, why there are different religions who have different beliefs on God? To settle the long story once and for all, I tell you there is a God.

Looking at a bigger picture such as the primary source of the life of human beings, animals, plants, planets, universe and all that our science teachers are telling us about living and non-living things...I tell you, there is One Source why we and those things exist in the first place. And that is God.

Whether we call God as Brahma, Buddha Yahweh, Jesus Christ, Allah or whether the names mentioned are really gods or not, I tell you, it doesn’t matter. If you’re comfortable to call God as God, so be it. If you like to call God as Jesus or Allah, so be it. The answer then is up to you.

For those who don’t believe or doubt God’s existence such as the Atheists and Agnostics, I tell you, it’s alright. Someday, in the right order of time, you will humbly realize that your life will be filled with beautiful meaning once you become aware of an unseen Divine Being, carefully guiding you into the path of truth and happiness.

There are some who say, they have experienced seeing God. They describe Him to be a bright light where they feel at peace and joyful. Some say they see God in the person whom they have devotion with like that of the image of Jesus Christ. The question we have to wait for those experiences before we become convinced that God truly exists? I tell you, No. The problem if we wish for those mystical direct encounter with God, what doesn’t happen? Then you become in doubt and you live a life of confusion. You would then think that God plays favorites. You would then think that you’re unworthy and you’re just no good compared with the mystics, saints, monks and visionaries. But we can’t help but to ask why they’re experiencing those wondrous events in their lives and why can’t we have the same experience!?

Is God partial? The answer is No. I tell you, for most of us who don’t have these supernatural visions of God, let’s leave it this way. For all you know, it's better this way. For those who behold God in His radiance, it’s not a guarantee that their lives are filled with good health, success and happiness. For all you know, they suffered and were beset with dark imaginings on the other opposite side.

What matters now, there is a God who will never leave us. How can He leave us when He created us? It’s enough that we feel His presence every time we come back in our homes safe and sound. It’s enough to feel His presence every time we’re alive when we wake up to witness there’s still food, shelter and clothing around us. Most of all, it’s enough to feel His presence when we’re being taken cared by someone...friend, relative, spouse, sibling, grandmother, grandfather, mom, or dad.

The Existence of God


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