Archangel Michael's Five Agreements

Welcome to THE FIVE AGREEMENTS given to us by Archangel Michael through Trance Channel, Jeff Fasano.

These agreements are “GUIDELINES FOR LIVING”:

These Five Agreements serve as the foundation of THE ANGEL NEWS NETWORK, which is bringing this consciousness-raising endeavor to you. These agreements will help you embark on a new journey in your life as you define who you are and why you are here.

We make these Five Agreements with ourselves to awaken the truth in our hearts while raising our consciousness as Light Workers and Way Showers.

This six-part program (introduction plus five sessions, one for each agreement) takes you through the Five Agreements so that you may embody and use them to create the life you say you want as you define and fulfill your mission and purpose in this lifetime.

This new journey is about moving from the unhealed me to the conscious we. These gatherings constitute a communion of like-minded souls who are walking into the unknown ready to reveal their essence to the world, serving their highest good without wounds, ego defenses or masks in place. We take full responsibility for being our message.

During each bi-monthly Five Agreements gathering we will:

(1) Review each agreement.

(2) Receive a live, channeled message from Archangel Michael.

(3) Open up gathering to a Q & A with Archangel Michael, which will allow further integration of these teachings.


Our mission is to serve the world. To do so, we agree to use our gifts and talents to raise the level of resonance and vibration of ourselves, and our communities, so that we may create a new world of community, harmony and equality.

At the end of this process you will decide whether you are willing to partake in the path as a Light Worker and Way Shower giving to the world in service or will you remain where you are (often struggling to survive life in lack and limitation). Are you ready to broaden your horizons?

Let us move within and ask ourselves:
• Am I here to truly serve the world?
• Write down your definition of world service…
• Can I give my talents and gifts to the world by being and fully expressing me?
• What is the message I intend to be?
• Does my life reflect that message?


Moving our consciousness from the “Me” to the “We” requires moving the Me out of the We. The narcissistic Me constantly seeks to be validated, gratified and to gain an advantage over others. The Me consciousness traps us in the lack and limitation of a Me-focused life. The We consciousness, in contrast, provides a path for living our lives fully.

Living life fully requires knowing who we are and having a strong sense of self, so that we may serve the world with our unique gifts and talents. As we move into a We Consciousness we begin to create a balance of giving and receiving in our relationships that serves the highest good of all.

Growing into a We Consciousness requires that we continually process our personal issues to help us release old behavior patterns and attachments that keep us in the lack and limitation of the Me. We agree to take responsibility for ourselves by continually processing the Me so that we may honor, value and love ourselves in order to live our divine plan and serve the world.

Since we are in dense human form, it is incumbent upon us, if we so choose, to be in a personal process so we can impeccably speak our word (speak truth to ourselves and to others). Then we can process aspects of the narcissistic Me and move fully into our soul’s divine plan. What process are you personally in now to allow you to move from the Me to We?

A personal process can be achieved individually or with the support of a trained healing arts therapist. The founders of The Angel News Network all went through an extensive (multi-year) personal processing program to become Light Ascension Therapists.


This is an agreement to focus on what IS in our life as opposed to what we perceive is NOT there. Focusing on what is helps us focus on the opportunities that can flow from developing our unique gifts and talents and qualities of self.

Focusing on what we think is not there traps us in a cycle of perpetual discontent, forcing us to look outside of ourselves for what we think we lack. What is in our lives represents the raw material we may use to create the lives we wish to live.


This is an agreement to move into the depth of our heart’s to know, love, and value ourselves so that we may develop the strength and courage to bring our unique gifts and talents into the world. It is the deep love of self that allows us to be who we are, discover our gifts and talents and create the life we choose to live.

Are you ready to move deeper within the depth and breadth of your heart to rediscover and remember the full essence of you?

To a great extent you have a sense of self in varying degrees, yet within that aspects of judgment and shame arise within you. So we ask you to look at judgment and shame in your life—without judging and shaming yourself!

The Five Agreements are not about getting immediate results. They are about connecting you to your soul’s divine plan, knowing your purpose and knowing that you are good enough. They also invite you to look at your “comfort zones”, whether they involve relationships, geographical locations, habits, patterns and rituals that hold you in a place of lack and limitation.

Agreement #5: RECEIVE LOVE.

Loving ourselves powers our ability to be who we are. In order to love ourselves we have to be able to receive love from ourselves and others. When we are able to love ourselves, we no longer need to look outside of ourselves for love and make others responsible for loving us. In order to give love with the intention for another to receive, we must know how it feels to receive love. When we come from love, we give of our talents and gifts from that place. We can then be the person we choose to be and create the life and world we say we want.

It is now time to receive yourself in the moment and live in the moment. In order to continue your journey through this lifetime—knowing your purpose and why you are here—it is important to connect to your divine plan through receiving love.

It is time to let go of anything outside of you that depletes your energy and/or no longer serves your highest good and your purpose in this lifetime.

As you now move into this last and final agreement, Receiving Love, we ask you, are you avoiding receiving? The only way to walk on your new pathway through life as the Light Worker and Way Shower is by receiving love. In order to fully love another you must give to yourself the love you always wanted…

Archangel Michael's Five Agreements


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