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One of my friends asked me once what it means to worship God. The worship experience consists of the communication between you and your Higher Self; then your Higher Self attempts to communicate with the divine Father the inexpressible longings of your human soul — the combining creation of the God-seeking mortal mind and the God-revealing immortal Self. Worship is, therefore, the act of the material mind’s assenting to the attempt of its spiritualizing self, under the guidance of the associated spirit, to communicate with God as a faithful son of the Universal Father. The divine Higher Self presence conducts such worship on behalf of the mortal mind and the evolving immortal soul. Basically, true worship becomes an experience that brings together the consciousness of mind, soul and spirit, and their unification in personality.

Recently I experienced true worship. The darkroom retreat in Tao Garden with Jasmuheen brought me to this development of my spiritual life.

I heard a lot about Prana Divine Nutrition. Jasmuheen brought us this system and we can see, sense and feel already the expanding consciousness among humanity on Earth.

It is important to understand that the idea of prana as nourishment has been around since the dawn of time. Universal Mind and its Akashic records, share that there was a time where all beings were sustained by pranic forces. Pranic nourishment is the ability to attract and then absorb all the nutrients, vitamins and nourishment one requires, to maintain health from the universal life force, a force which is also termed cosmic particles or chi energy. A person who practices this does not need to obtain nourishment from physical food. They also find that by increasing the pranic flow through their bodies they are fed not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually due to the nature of the pranic flow.

The experience in the darkroom is remarkable. It is not just the pranic nourishment that keeps you in good shape for nine days and nine nights in complete darkness. It is more than that. There you can really see, sense and feel the experience of the Yogi’s Cave.

I loved the way that strangers came from all over the world to live together in this darkroom space and gel and blend and bond to finally come to that unified rhythm of heart and mind. The elimination of our vision opened us all up to connect in so many different ways; as the days passed our ability to glide noiselessly through this living space improved dramatically. Obviously, our brains shifted the production levels of serotonin and melatonin in order to enhance our inner visionary capacities.

As our Earth transcends and moves herself into more intergalactic frequency patterns, this also means that time is presented differently now and linear time flows are becoming more sequential. Time in the darkroom also seems altered and is subject to change by each individual. Here time speeds up for some, making their days pass quickly, yet slows down for others who have still not fully surrendered into the now.

The power of silence gives you power to step back into another level of yourself again. The quieter you become, the more you discover about yourself.

In every darkroom retreat there is always least one ‘knock your socks off’ profound type meditation. For this retreat it came when we visited and listened to the Galactic Council of Elders, and we listened to Mother Mary, speaking through Jasmuheen.

The last day had something special: we went out into the sunset after nine days and nine nights in darkness. Our faces and eyes were filled with appreciation at the wonder of nature, for the Tao Garden is truly beautiful. The colors had another meaning for us. We saw Mother Earth through the eyes of a child seeing a butterfly for the first time. All of us were quietly looking around and feeling Mother Earth’s energy.

The group was making the alignments necessary to accommodate the new light and energy from “outside”. We were in the dark for the past nine days and were in deep levels of our Zen-master selves, aware of every impact our movements made on the energy field. Tuned to furniture and objects, we noiselessly existed there as one cohesive unit but now we needed to begin to readjust our own impact on these energy fields. Still, all of this was natural, and something we deal with everyday when we expand our conscious awareness into the global energy field flows.

We emerged back into the light to enjoy once more all that the light contains; the pleasure of vision and for some the flavor and texture of food. We returned to our loving, and sometimes concerned, families and friends who could not comprehend why anyone would want to spend this time fasting in silence and solitude in the dark. Yet each being’s path is different, unique for what their heart call requires. And, as Jasmuheen said, in the following of our true heart’s call, our life becomes a dream fulfilled, and that offers us new adventures. So it is and so it always has been!

Story by: Daniel Mitel

2013, 2014 and 2015 are the years of the Heart.

The years of Unconditional Love.

The years of understanding and forgiveness.

The years of faith.

The new energy is unfolding now: the female energy is helping us to change our destiny.

This is a time of great change and we, Humanity, choose how much we want to change. There is a big responsibility now for all of us.

If somebody is hungry, if somebody is lost, if somebody is not loved, we must understand that we are now ONE. We cannot remain blind now to what is around us. Our Mother Earth is helping and loving us but now we must be ONE Heart, ONE energy, ONE Love.

We can no longer promote anger and fear. We are now totally in another energy.

More than anything, be kind to yourself, forgive yourself and love yourself now. If you make a commitment to 2013, 2014 and 2015, make it to forgive yourself and love yourself and all around you. Be kind to yourself and be kind to the community. Love Mother Earth and open your heart.

Now is the time for you to speak the truth: make your real feelings and beliefs known. Speak your truth with love. Reveal who you really are to yourself and others. Allow other people to see your true nature. You will be spiritually supported by the Ascended Masters.

Your relationships will deepen because you will know that you are loved for who you really are. Trust that your authentic self is lovable and likable. Allow others to get to know the real you. Let go of judgments about yourself or others.

You have nothing to fear. A new flow of prosperity is supporting you and your loved ones. You have the support to make a desired life change right now.

Now every situation offers opportunities to grow and learn. Know that everything is in Divine and perfect order. Remember that your clear and focused intentions, prayers and action steps all create the manifestations you desire. Have faith now in a positive outcome.

Now is the time to balance yourself. Balance your male and female energy by practicing both giving and receiving daily. Forgive yourself for what you may have done or not done. Have compassion for everyone around you. It is time to let go of struggle, anger and resentment. Trust that the Universe is supporting you and it is on your side.

As Drunvalo said; we are about to enter a window of the time that has no name, but is inside the Mayan END OF TIME window that was connected to December 21, 2012 and will end in about three years. This window begins on February 18th, 2013 and continues for about three and a half months until June 2nd, 2013. However, it could last as long as until the end of August if the circumstances change. From a Mayan point of view, we must be ready to move into ascension at any moment over the next three years or so. This means staying in meditation, and keeping your heart light as a feather and interconnected to your brain.

Having started out on the way of spiritual life, having accepted your spiritual assignment here, do not fear the dangers of human forgetfulness and mortal inconstancy, do not be troubled with doubts of failure or by perplexing confusion, do not falter and question your status and standing, because in every dark hour, at every crossroad in the forward struggle, the Spirit of Truth will always speak, saying, “This is the way.”

Story by: Daniel Mitel

The Bridge In Time

Von Sylvia Leifheit, 17.04.13 18:27

For months, I’ve felt the bridge in time, the elusive strands of energy between the Piscean and Aquarian Age. The turning between ages is like a wheel; the spokes turn and open in the space between ages, offering a dispensation of light. When we are between two ages, there is a great deal of light and less physical energy due to the oscillation between the two worlds. A Precession of Ages likely doubles or triples this gift of light.

Many of us felt disappointment when the energy shifted around the solstice. While “heaven on earth” did not miraculously appear, many of us felt the impetus of a new energy. No one could deny that the world is touched by change.

Personally, I perceived a significant increase in light and a substantial shift in the energy on the winter solstice. The earth is changing too. The fairytale beauty of blossoming pear and peach
trees lingers outdoors, in ridiculous cold, accompanied by flowers that shouldn’t bloom for months. Some days they are covered in ice but continue their blooming without a pause.

Perhaps, we’re a bit like the flowers. We move forward with self-expression and the sharing of light, then backwards with the return of winter and dormancy, like an intricate dance. Sometimes, the beautiful energy fills us with joy and spontaneous direction. Other times, it’s impossible to do anything besides rest. (I never thought my sofa would become so familiar.) It’s exhausting and exciting all at once.

Like my plants blossoming with their strange timing in the season, the energy seems to have an odd time warp quality. Some desires come into fruition by merely speaking them, and other desires take a tremendous amount of focus, arriving unexpectedly but months after the initial projection. A series of events can arrive full-blown in a single day, or it can take a long time for the beginning of movement with spaces between the necessary actions. Time appears to slow down and speed up in particular patterns during the day.

When talking with my gifted friends, we noted a few recent changes. Additional meditation, exercise and focus are needed to retain a calm nature. Our practices, which were natural and enjoyable, now come first with the change brought by the new energies. When it’s secondary, we find it more difficult when dealing with emotions or other people. Establishing a relationship with the universe can take more work.

We’ve also lost our ability of merging and remaining invisible in crowds. People look deeply in our eyes or bump into us with a clear desire to convey connection or hostility. Of course, becoming visible to others in everyday life is somewhat humorous. How did we expect to remain disguised, knowing that truth exposes everything during the time of the apocalypse?

Apocalypse means revelation of hidden truth, and it appears in governments, global finances, relationships, conversation and within the self. The act of becoming more intuitive makes our inner dialog, agenda and subconscious patterns become obvious to ourselves and others. The term “subconscious patterns” refers the repetition of emotions and events that evoke a lower response in life or physical reality. (As we clear our inner patterns, we actually clear many negative patterns in the outer world.) As we see the truth within ourselves, the truth must appear in the outer world.

Light composes the substance that we seek, but light also illuminates the darkness, bringing shadows to the surface. For seekers who’ve experienced the outpouring of light, the opening of the heart, we already know how light stirs the substance of our lives. It can cause tiredness, re-evaluating relationships, and changing jobs or careers.

Certainly, experiences with light open the heart and move us toward love, but the shift can feel baffling and confusing. While in the midst of group conscious awakening, we’re watching the reconfiguration of the world.

There’s turmoil in the outer world. It’s easy to feel the fear of the population at large or see lovely landscapes when connected into the heart. At this time, the universe supports change, but those – who understand positive energy – must direct it.

When we sit in deep connection with the light and see a better world for ourselves and others, we are creating it. Most of us understand that our light is important. We know that we’re here on a quest to learn more about co-creation and bring love into the world, a world with less duality and negativity. Every day, we learn more.

Here are a few tips:

Stay with the light. Reflect on the heart often. (In individual practice, meditation is used to listen to the heart. We learn to associate a rhythm, feeling and sensation with ideas associated with the pulse of the heart. We also make an effort in listening and acting on repetitive intuition, which is information linking us to the soul.)

Understand how you co-create. Direct the force during the meditation.
Conscious co-creation connects you with other people. It also teaches you about the thoughts and feelings used in creating your current reality. Observe it.
The veil is thin. Many emotional feelings come from others, not the self. Practice detaching from the sea of mass consciousness by connecting to the light or focusing on happiness.
Ask for a vision of your higher reality. Asking questions directs the heart toward truth.
Project calm and peace whenever possible.
With the alteration taking place in only 3 or 4 months, our bodies are not accustomed to the changing energies so we may feel tired or lack energy periodically. Rest when tired. Save projects for times of inspiration and power. (It slows down the process to push when tired.) Don’t use reserves of energy.
If you have super-powers (and you know who you are), let go of the people who drain you. Use your gifts. The world needs you.
Reflect on the beauty of this time and the inherent opportunity for mastery.
Focus on the important practices, which give light and energy in abundance.

Story by Julia Griffin

Seeing the Soul

Von Sylvia Leifheit, 08.04.13 15:19

There’s a traditional view of reincarnation that most of us subscribe to. We’re born as a baby, go through life, get old and then die. Then after death we’re told our soul goes somewhere. The “somewhere” depends on the religion or belief system we were born into. After a period of time, we come back or reincarnate into another body and do the same thing all over again.
But what exactly comes back into incarnation each time? That question was the focus of my esoteric studies for many years. Reincarnation is a key tenet in many Eastern religions. The Gnostic scrolls, unearthed in the last 60 years, point to the unmistakable teachings of reincarnation that were taught by Jesus. It’s clear in the scrolls that one’s fate is determined by one’s current life. But what about the soul? Where does it go? What does it look like? Does it come back?

Reincarnation has become part of the mass consciousness in the last 50 years. Highly regarded researchers like Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia used scientific protocols to exhaustively research over 3,000 cases of children worldwide who claim to have reincarnated.
But another phenomenon causing scientific interest is called Near-Death Experiences or NDEs.

Dr. Kenneth Ring is Professor Emeritus at the University of Connecticut and one of the leading scholars on NDEs. In one of his documented cases a girl who nearly drowned at the age of 7 reported seeing two adults “waiting to be born.” In another case, an individual stated she got information from a group milling around as “they were all waiting for reincarnation.” Again the questions came – who or what was waiting to be born.

My own research took me to the most ancient religious writings of India. The Hindu Vedas said the soul reincarnated. The Yoga Sutras say the same thing. The Buddhist teachings state the “soul is reborn.” That sounded good enough. The NDEs said people were waiting to be born, but what did the soul look like?

I turned again to the individual stories of those who had Near-Death Experiences. One said, “I became a ball of light.” Another said, “spiritual beings were observing me inside a crystal sphere.” A young man described “A shimmering, luminescent sphere enveloped me, making me feel as if I had stepped into a crystal globe.” And in a well documented case, a young woman said, “I was there with this glowing orb.”

Looking to back up the NDEs with the teachings of the mystics, I went to the Eastern texts. The Hindu Vedas describe the soul as a “gossamer light” and “a bubble of light.” The Sufi mystic teacher Inayat Khan said the soul was “a sphere of light.” With those definitions, the connection was instantaneous. Orbs are images of the soul or spirits.

With the advent of digital photography a phenomenon called Orbs began to appear in photographs. Orbs are spherical and transparent bodies of light that superimpose themselves in the photo. Orbs appear most frequently in nature photos or during highly charged emotional events like parties, funerals, or children playing. Sometimes the Orbs are stationary, other times they’re in motion, leaving a trail of light behind them like a comet.

Some claim that orbs are simply dust, pollen, or atmospheric conditions that occur due to the reflection of light in the camera. Others dispute that theory as do I. Why? Because, though I’ve seen Orbs in my photographs since 2003; I’ve also seen Orbs without a camera and witnessed them “powering up” when spoken to. The most remarkable occurrence was two days after the death of my neighbor. The lights in my house began to flicker on and off. When I ventured into the living room I saw two very large Orbs near the ceiling.

Realizing Kathy had just passed I asked, “Is that you, Kathy?” At that moment, one of the Orbs powered up brightly and stayed that way for about ten seconds. Knowing Kathy wanted to be with her mother who had previously passed over, I asked “Is that your mother with you?” And the second Orb powered up. Eventually, they both faded from view, but not before being documented by two people in the house.

The mystical interpretations offered by the Hindu Vedas, Inayat Khan, Edgar Cayce and the many Near-Death Experiencers do point to a common definition of what the soul looks like. The soul is an Orb or an iridescent Sphere of Light. And now the technology is available to see the soul with our digital cameras. And yes, we can even communicate with it. The next time you photograph an event, look for the Orbs in the viewfinder. If you don’t see them, feel them. If you can’t feel them, speak to them and invite them to appear. They will!

Story by: Jo Mooy

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The Secret Of Secrets
The Secret Of Secrets

Story by: Drunvalo Melchizedek

So much has been lost, but being eternal, it is never lost forever, only veiled!

The Secret of Secrets — the hidden space within the human heart that all of creation emerges from — was in ancient times almost completely an oral tradition kept secret by the priests and shamans of the tribe or culture. Seldom was anything written down, primarily because it cannot be learned or experienced from the written word. Only through direct experience can it truly be known.

Nevertheless, this month (August 2003) I am publishing a new book about this very subject. It’s called Living in the Heart.

What I have found is that although the direct experience is paramount to knowing the Secret of Secrets, talking or reading about the Sacred Space of the Heart can prepare the mind for this change.

In order to help accomplish this change, I have created a CD that will be included in the book. It will lead you into the heart space in a similar manner that was used in ancient times, thousands of years ago. At least, this is my hope and prayer.

What Is this Secret of Secrets?

First of all, on a mundane level, it is a physical space within the body that is found, depending on the tradition, either inside the heart or very close to it. Some traditions say it is behind the heart, some say it is off to one side, and others say it is in front of the heart. But most believe it is located inside the physical heart, and that’s what I believe.

One aspect is clear. It is not the heart chakra.

The Secret of Secrets has been referred to, in the Jewish tradition, as the Secret Chamber of the Heart. The Upanishads, the Hindu sacred texts, refer to it as the Tiny Place Within the Heart. It also is sometimes referred to as the Sacred Space of the Heart, which is the designation I use in my new book.

In truth, there is very little found that has ever been written about this most important part of human experience.

It is apparent that in ancient times, this place within the heart was known and entered into in their ceremonies, for this is still being done today in a few “lost” tribes in remote areas of the world.

In modern times, the HeartMath Institute is the forerunner of research into this ancient knowledge, and at the same time they are finding new information that probably even the Ancient Ones didn’t know.

From my perspective and the view of many indigenous tribes, this Sacred Space within the Heart holds the only possibility of there ever being peace on Earth. All political actions on the Earth are being taken from Duality Consciousness — the result of the Fall — and this form of consciousness is based on ego.

As long as ego runs the course of events in the world, we will never know peace. Ego judges all events as either good or bad from its own viewpoint, and ego always thinks of itself first. As long as ego is safe and comfortable, ego doesn’t usually care what happens to that which seems external to itself.

The Reality Within the Heart

The heart is so different! It perceives the world as an image, not something “real,” and it see everything at once. The heart knows only unity and Oneness, and creates from that way of seeing. It will never do anything that will be harmful to anyone or anything, for it knows that there is not “two.”

All that exists is within the heart. In fact, even if it does not exist, it is still within the heart.

People in the past, myself included, often believed that love is the word for what is connected to the heart space. We celebrate Valentine’s Day with images of a heart representing our connection with love and our lover.

But from the Sacred Space of the Heart, there are various kinds of love, and the love that we experience between two people is seldom coming from the heart. This kind of love is actually coming from the emotional body and is controlled by the right brain.

These emotional feelings are polarized, just as the brain is, and have an opposite expression — for example, love can become hate.

How often have you kissed someone you love dearly and then ten minutes later, in a moment of heat (heart without an “r”), said, “I hate you!” This is a conditional love. It changes with the moment.

But in the Sacred Space of the Heart there is a different kind of emotional body, so to speak, that does not have a polarized counterpart. This is a LOVE that knows no bounds, has no conditions, and will exist eternally no matter what.

This LOVE knows only Oneness and creates only to bring joy to all life everywhere.

Ever since we fell from our heart to our mind, we have been in hell.

And so I pray that someday soon we all find this place within our hearts, for in this most holy place we all join together as One.

Does this sound like New Age hype, or do you really realize the possibility and power of what many people are saying today about this hidden world of the heart?

All the world’s religions and spiritual disciplines allude to this possibility, but most of them have forgotten how to actually enter this sacred space. These ways, like most of the old ways, have been lost.

But as I said in the beginning, this experience can never be truly lost, for it is the source of humanity and the cosmos itself. It can only be veiled.

As with all natural events in nature, all things have their timing. The return to the heart by humankind is only a matter of time.

And remember, the great achievements of this human world have always began with a single man or woman. If only one person — perhaps you? — were to enter the heart in LOVE and begin the holy dreaming process of creating a new world, can you not see that all the rest of us would someday follow?

A veil is only a veil! The truth is always eternal. Through a single person, the Secret of Secrets could be revealed in the ordinary world of everyday life.

You will realize that I have purposely left out of this article any actual instructions on how to enter the heart consciousness. This is for the same reason that the ancients never, or seldom, wrote down their knowledge. The step-by-step instructions won’t get you there. It’s not something that can be conveyed in the space of an article, and as you will see in reading this magazine, the best anyone can do is help prepare you.

I do pray that what I have done with the new book and CD will be of service. But the truth is that without an experienced teacher and the oral tradition, it is very difficult to truly find this Sacred Space.

So if you still need more help, please go to the schedule of workshops on my personal website at

Even in a living workshop, we take two days of preparation before we try to enter the Sacred Space. But in this context, most problems can be overcome, and the direct experience can usually be achieved.

Story by: Drunvalo Melchizedek

From an interview with Diane M. Cooper

Quotes are from The World Is As You Dream It and Shapeshifting: Shamanic Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation

We’ve survived many catastrophes. According to legends, we people are in our fifth creation – destroyed four times before. Each time it has been the Shapeshifter – what you might call `sorcerer’ or `prophet’ – who led us out of the abyss.”

–Vieja Itza, Mayan healer-shaman

Throughout history we humans have found shapeshifting to be one of the most effective means for transforming ourselves, both as individuals and communities. A Lakota Sioux warrior shapeshifted into a buffalo in order to become a better hunter and to honor the spirit of an animal that provided his family with food, clothing, bowstrings, and fuel. Entire tribes adjusted to glaciers, floods, and other environmental changes by radically altering their inner and outer perceptions, and in so doing changed their lifestyles to survive.

From a shamanic perspective, shapeshifting begins with intent. You then give it power if you want it to occur in this world as opposed to the other worlds of non-ordinary reality. Action follows.

Intent, energy, and action: Only when these three human forces are in place can you have true shapeshifting.

All of us have the ability to shapeshift on a cellular level — to transform ourselves into jaguars or bushes or any other form with which we create an alliance. Also, each of us can shift into being more of the self we most respect and want to emphasize, bringing about fundamental changes in our attitudes, perceptions, prosperity, health, appearance, and personal relationships. Many of us are learning to utilize shapeshifting to transform the world’s environmental state, with universal peace being a primary goal.

The shamans believe that we are one with everything, including the mountains, the trees, and the jaguars. Therefore, if we are to look at the idea of true peace we must look at a much bigger concept than human existence. We must look for peace in all things.

What kind of action can we take to have peace? First I think we must ask ourselves for its true definition. What does it really mean to be peaceful? If we only talk about peace among humans, then we are not truly talking about peace. If peace among humans means increasing populations and increasing wealth and misuse of the world’s resources, then that spells disaster among the creatures of the sea, the plants and trees of the forest, the insects, and all other life forms on this earth. In the eyes of the shaman, “other life forms” also includes the lakes, the rivers, the oceans, the mountains, and the rocks.

I was very struck about a year ago when I had the opportunity to spend time with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. One particular day I was sitting next to him on a flight over the Himalayas, and we were talking extensively about shapeshifting (he had in his lap a copy of my last book, Shapeshifting: Shamanic Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation). I asked him, “What will it take, your Holiness, for us to have peace?”

And he said, “Well, you know, we cannot have peace until we have taken action that reflects our compassion, and our willingness to take responsibility.” He said further, “Peace can only come from taking responsibility for all forms of life…all sentient beings, including the insects.” (He emphasized this last word, so that I should be clear that sentient beings were not just the higher forms of mammal life, and that we cannot have peace until we include in our concept the future generations of all sentient beings…. even the insects.)

Within the animal kingdom, human beings are the only life forms on the planet that no longer have natural enemies and our numbers are growing. Exploding populations around the world are detrimental to the land, detrimental to the plants and the animals, especially when those populations are demanding more and more resources.

“The world is as you dream it, ” he said at last. “Your people dreamed of huge factories, tall buildings, as many cars as there are raindrops in this river. Now you begin to see that your dream is a nightmare.” He bent to pick up a stone. “The problem is your country is like this pebble.” He threw it far out into the river. “Everything you do ripples across the Mother.

– Numi, Shuar Shaman

“So what can we do to take action?” we ask.

One of the most important things we can do is to create cultures and societies that deeply honor the earth, that honor all sentient beings everywhere. Cultures that by their nature will create a peaceful place for the trees, rabbits, insects, whales and the dolphins to live.

If we really want to have peace we must change the dream of ever bigger populations using ever more material resources. We must change the need to create more cars, more houses, more things that are threatening to the forests, rivers, lakes, animals and insects.

The Shuar of the Amazon — the former headhunters — play an important role in my life and are a fascinating microcosm of the larger macrocosm. When I first lived with the Shuar, in 1968, the census of Ecuador said that there were approximately 7,000 Shuar. Anthropologists speculated that this was an accurate figure and had probably been so for thousands of years. These scientists figured that the population needed to stay somewhere under 10,000, as it was the only way they could have remained a sustainable society for as long as they did.

“You have lost touch with the Mother,” he said. He stood up, held out his arms, and turned in a slow circle. He clenched his hands into fists and drew them to his heart. “Now it begins to hurt.”

“Yes.” Incidents from my own life came to mind. “I sometimes think that all we care about is money and dominating things. Other people, other countries. Nature. That we’ve lost the ability to love.”
His eyes met mine, a stern look. “You haven’t lost the ability.”

– Numi, Shuar Shaman

The Shuar were a warring tribe. They were headhunters. And part of the reason they were headhunters, it has been speculated, was to keep down the population. Every man, from an anthropological standpoint, killed on average five enemies during his lifetime, and produced five children who reached adulthood.

As I mentioned, the first census was taken in 1968. Today, just a little more than three decades later, there are an estimated 70,000 Shuar. In 30 years they’ve gone from 7,000 to 70,000! When the missionaries and schools came to the jungle the tribes were vaccinated against polio and other diseases, and in the late ’60s warfare was made illegal.

Remember, warfare, for the Shuar, was one of the primary ways the balance of human population was maintained. Since then, the population has grown 10-fold, and from a Shuar perspective that is not a good thing. There were no alternatives offered to them to take responsibility for the new society that was being created around them.

The Shuar don’t believe in death, so they didn’t mind dying in war, and they didn’t mind their babies dying in infancy — because they always believed that when a person died their spirit shapeshifted into something else. To them, being a human being wasn’t the greatest thing anyway, and upon death they were happy to shapeshift into a tree or a jaguar, or the mist in the forest.

“How can I change, Don Alberto? How can my people change this terrible situation we’ve created?”

“That’s simple,” he replied. “All you have to do is change the dream.”

It sounded so easy.

“How long will it take?”

He glanced once more down the river. “It can be accomplished in a generation. You need only plant a different seed, teach your children to dream new dreams.”

– Numi, Shuar Shaman

Today a few of the 70,000 Shuar have stayed deep in the jungle and lead idyllic lives. However, many of the Shuar are basically slaves to cattle ranchers or oil companies, or are living in slums in some of the cities that have gone up on the edge of the jungle. Most of the Shuar who have left the jungle completely are living much worse lives than they did 30 years ago.

The Shuar territory could support approximately 7,000 people and stay relatively sustainable. Today, because of the increase in population, many Shuar have to get help and buy goods from the outside. Some have to work for construction or oil companies. Women often become prostitutes to get money from the outside. The standard of living has decreased considerably. It reminds me of our global situation.

The world population also keeps growing, and while we may become monetarily more wealthy over the years, we have lost much in the process. We are no longer sustainable. Sacred places in nature are becoming more and more rare. In the process of increased human need, we are destroying everything around us. We cut down the forests to provide more building materials and paper products. We pollute the rivers and the air to accommodate our increased need for chemicals and plastics. We destroy animals on land, in the sea, and in the lakes and rivers, by our increased need of food, or our need for dumping sites for toxic waste.

Technique is nothing,” he said slowly. “Spirit’s the secret.”

– Vieja Itza, Mayan healer-shaman

We’ve got to change the dream! If you’ve ever gone to a meeting of environmentalists and talked about population control, you’ll know that there are those who are opposed to abortion, those who are opposed to trying to talk indigenous people into cutting down on their family sizes, those that will shout you down for bringing up this subject. I have a tough time also. I don’t tell my Shuar blood brother that he can’t have his sixth child. How can I tell him that? It’s so “Shuar” to have a big family. I tell myself I have to get rid of my car and my house before can I tell him that. It’s a very tricky subject. Population control is one of the most difficult subjects to address because it raises so many other emotional issues. How do you control population when so many religions see any form of birth control as being contrary to their philosophy. It is an issue we have to address if we are going to pull through this — if we’re going to take responsibility.

“My ancestors created a civilization that was destroying itself. Magnificent pyramids. Splendid works of art. Medicines that prolonged life like never before. This poor land was overburdened and the population was about to consume itself into extinction. Not to mention what all that wealth had done to the spirit of the people. They had everything material, yet they had lost touch with the earth herself. Spirit. The wise ones saw this happening. They taught the people to change into lives that would be more satisfying and enduring.”

– Vieja Itza, Mayan healer-shaman”

There are two paths we can take. One is to continue our current course, relying on changes such as recycling and catalytic converters. These are important but only Band-Aids. This path — one that denies that the cause of our problems is embedded in our very lifestyles and our emphasis on material growth — ultimately leads to catastrophe.

What forms will the catastrophe take? Massive wars, starvation, climate changes — probably all of these and many other traumatic events.

The second path is to address the real issues — to look at what we truly want for ourselves and future generations of all sentient beings, and to take responsibility for our role on this planet. To cut back on unlimited growth in resource use and populations; to see ourselves as integrated parts of the whole.

This path leads to survival — and also, peace.

Both paths, in the end, take us to equilibrium. The first, however, is brutal, traumatic, and inconsistent with our view of ourselves as rational beings. The second requires sacrifices, but is the more compassionate and rational.

“From a shamanic perspective, the world is as you dream it. First you find a dream – you state the intent, you give it energy and you take action.”

– John Perkins

So lets say you, the reader, have the intention to create a peaceful world. You now have to give that intention energy, and then take action.

Everyone will look at this differently. There will be those who will decide to run for the senate, or president of some country, and push for an environmental policy of increased responsibility. This will lead to peace in the long run.

There other people, including schoolteachers, who will choose to help their children really understand the big environmental picture and help them to look for happiness inside, instead of in material objects. They will redefine what schools have consistently taught over the past decade, where “the better life” was defined as bigger houses and better cars, and so on. This less materialistic, more spiritual approach will create internal as well as external peace.

“Shapeshifters take many forms. They blend in with their environments. Over time they may cause change.”

– Vieja Itza, Mayan healer-shaman

Others will work within their own families. There are many, many ways we can give energy and take action that will promote this intent. Each person has to look within himself and ask what he has to contribute. If you’re a writer, you can write books and inform in this way. If you’re an athlete, you have a forum from which to talk to a lot of young people, and you can include these issues in your discussions. There are so many ways available.

I found myself playing the skeptic. Despite all the things I had witnessed, I could not imagine myself truly becoming the cat I shared a home with, or the oak tree outside my door. I explained this to him. He only laughed.

“Then it won’t happen. You must be able to imagine it in order to do it.”

– Vieja Itza, Mayan healer-shaman

We have to live these ideals as well. Buy a smaller car — don’t buy an SUV. Don’t go for the bigger house — go for the smaller one. Live simpler, live smaller, be smaller. But equally, and perhaps more important, is passing this torch on to the next generation. If you’re over 35, the footsteps you leave on the planet have been already planted, so to speak. To a large degree, the damage has already been done. What’s really important is that you help the next generation come along and have a very different dream — a dream where life’s great satisfactions are not material, and happiness comes from the inside. Teach them the ecstasy of feeling at one with nature and with all that’s around us. We need to help this generation develop a new paradigm and a new value system that is responsible and brings people a deep inner joy.

“Energy. It is everything. We are energy. The earth, those trees down there…” “That is all there is to it. The Shapeshifter believes she can influence her relationship with the physical world. Therefore she can.”

– Vieja Itza, Mayan healer-shaman

There are still cultures in the world that operate from a sustainable viewpoint, but they are becoming fewer as time passes. On the other hand, the technological cultures are developing a very heightened awareness. I think there are very few people in the technological industrialized countries that wouldn’t agree on this point, that we are on a rocky course — that we’re heading toward catastrophe. Every year the number of people that don’t believe it gets smaller and smaller. Today the general population understands that we are the culprits — we are the ones who have caused these climate changes. And I think they understand that we have to be the ones to change it.

“Belief… and one thing more. Intent. If we understand that everything is energy, it is easy to understand the important of intent. How can you influence energy without first intending to do so?”

– Vieja Itza, Mayan healer-shaman

It is totally uplifting to see the multitudes of people responding to prayer vigils, meditations for peace. These people are truly concerned. Now we’re ready for the next step. We’ve admitted there is a problem. We are aware. Now we need to move forward and make changes in our lives. Changes that we pass on to our children. Attend vigils, pray, and take action.

“Today, who is threatening the survival of our species?”

As I stared into the pale blue sky I could see images rising above the trees, like phantom men in pinstriped suites. “Investors. Politicians. Business executives. Advertising agencies. Television. The corporations.”

“Ah hah! Then it is into these that you must shapeshift!”

– Vieja Itza, Mayan healer-shaman

How long do we have? We have to assume that we have enough time. We have every reason to believe that the earth is giving us ample warning. I believe In a greater power. She is called Pachamama, which in Quechua, the language of the high Andes, means Mother Earth, Mother Time, Mother Universe, the great power that surrounds us… Pachamama is sending us two very important messages – global warming and El Nino. They may be two of our biggest gifts. The earth has told us, “look.. change… its time to take responsibility… can’t you see what you’re doing…?”

So here we are living in this time in history where we’ve been given this huge holistic warning by the whole planet and ecosystem around the planet. What a magnificent time to be alive because we have the opportunity to respond to this message. You and I in our lifetime can really do something very significant. The fact that this website is being read, right now, is very very important and very, very significant. I charge you to go out and take action! Become a powerful Shapeshifter!

Story by: John Perkins
Chief Economist and New York Times Bestselling Author.

To push out into the unknown and discuss spiritual matters or anything else in Third Dimensionality, we use language. And using language usually means using metaphors.

A metaphor establishes that something unknown is, in an important way, like something known. We try to push out into the unknown by extending the known. In a certain sense, all that we are doing, really, is reducing the unknown to the known. And the Unknowable can never be known that way.

The value of this approach is that it yields insights; its drawback is that it obscures as much as it reveals, often much more, and in the most critical instance, that of knowing the Unknowable, it yields nothing at all.

Let’s look at the manner in which metaphors can obscure relationships.

Take the notion of balance, for instance. We can say that balance is like a teeter-totter. We can compare our ups and downs to a teeter totter out of balance. This leads us to say that we need to bring our moods into balance, into the center.

But in all the years I’ve been observing myself, I’m not aware of how I can “bring my moods into balance.” For me, this metaphor obscures more than it illuminates.

However, if I see the situation in terms of there being a center, “being in balance” then becomes “remaining in the center” and a better metaphor than bringing our moods into balance becomes one of “letting go” of what keeps us on the extremes or the peripheries and away from the center.

Jesus recently spoke about this type of metaphor of the situation, which has greater advantages than representing balance as a matter of bringing the teeter-totter to the horizontal. He characterized what I’ve called “letting go” as “relaxing and allowing.”
“You are already part of God, so you do not need to strive to become aware of this. Instead, relax and allow this state, your natural state to embrace you…

“If you will relax and accept them gratefully as they occur you will learn them easily and quickly. If you rile up against them they will just continue to present themselves to you until you do learn them, and this can bring you a considerable amount of pain and suffering.” (1)

Using this metaphor of “letting go” brings us in line with such teachings as the Buddha’s that says the primary difficulty we face in remaining in the center are the impacts of craving and aversion or wanting and rejecting. The more we let go of wants and “don’t wants,” or desires, or preferences, the easier it becomes to stay in the center.

And what is it about the center that recommends itself to us? We do we want to remain in balance and in the center?

The matter becomes clearer when we use the more common name for the center: the heart. Here I don’t mean the physical heart on the left side of the body, or even the heart chakra. Instead I mean what Hindus call the “hridayam” or spiritual heart. Of it Sri Ramana Maharshi said:

“Call it by any name, God, Self, the Heart or the Seat of Consciousness, it is all the same. The point to be grasped is this, that HEART means the very Core of one’s being, the Centre, without which there is nothing whatever.” (2)

Of it, Sri Aurobindo said:

“According to the ancient teaching the seat of the immanent Divine, the hidden Purusha [Divine Person], is in the mystic heart, — the secret heart-cave, hridaye guhayam, as the Upanishads put it, — and, according to the experience of many Yogins, it is from its depths that there comes the voice or breath of the inner oracle.” (3)

Ramana offered this illuminating description of the heart or center. But we have to remember that this description is from the standpoint of Third Dimensionality and not from that of the absolute truth.

“That from which all thoughts of embodied beings issue forth is called the Heart. All descriptions of it are only mental concepts.

“The ‘I’-thought is said to be the root of all thoughts. In brief, that from which the ‘I’-thought springs forth is the Heart.

“If the Heart be located in anahata chakra, how does the practice of yoga begin in muladhara?

“This Heart is different from the blood-circulating organ. ‘Hridayam’ stands for hrit ‘the centre which sucks in everything’, and ayam ‘this’ and it thus stands for the Self.

“The location of this Heart is on the right side of the chest, not at all on the left. The light (of awareness) flows from the Heart through sushumna [the spinal canal] to sahasrara [crown chakra]…

“The whole universe is in the body and the whole body is in the Heart. hence all the universe is contained in the Heart.
“The universe is nothing but the mind, and the mind is nothing but the Heart. Thus the entire story of the universe culminates in the Heart.

“The Heart is to the body what the sun is to the world. The mind in sahasrara is like the orb of the moon in the world.
“As the sun gives light to the world, even so this Heart gives light to the mind.

“A mortal absent from the Heart perceives only the mind, just as the light of the moon is perceived at night in the absence of the sun.

“Not perceiving that the true source of light is one’s own Self, and mentally perceiving objects as apart from oneself, the ignorant one is deluded…

“The Supreme is nothing but the Heart. (4)

We know that God is everything and yet Sri Ramana calls the heart the special place of the Supreme. Sri Ramana has said that knowledge of the heart leads to knowledge of the inner universe and the One. The center or heart therefore becomes a special place for us to focus our attention on and know.

Given that focusing our attention on the heart can lead to enlightenment and knowledge of the entire universe, one can speculate that focusing on the center or heart is focusing on the one place that is assured of opening us up more and more. The center or heart comes to a be a place of immense interest to anyone of spiritual inclination.

Sri Krishna has said:
“I am all that a man may desire
Without transgressing
The law of his nature.” (5)

God is the only thing that can be desired without evoking negative karma. And even God, at the last moment before enlightenment, may need to be surrendered as an idea for us to realize Him (Her or It).

But before that moment, desiring God is the only desire that does not harm. Therefore focusing on the center is a point of focus that cannot harm, but in fact infinitely opens up before us.

Thus, the basic spiritual movement is to turn from the world of the five senses to God the insensible. If the compass is conceived of as having 360 degrees, only one degree – that which points to God – does not harm us or evoke more negative karma.

This same message is conveyed in the metaphor that sees the heart as a swing (jula) that seats only one person. If we place any other object of desire on it than God, God will not sit on our swing.

The more we let go of or detach from worldly desires and remain in the center, the more we are focusing on the heart. Moreover, as it turns out, the more we focus on the heart, the more mature and adult are our responses to events. The more we experience our love and radiate it out to other beings, the more we are focusing on our heart. The more we meditate on the hridayam, the more we are inviting the knowledge of God.

The heart is the doorway to the Kingdom of Heaven. The center is the portal through which we enter into the knowledge of the Self, of who we are. To realize the heart is to fulfill the purpose of life, which is to know our true nature. All good comes from focusing on our heart or remaining in the center.

Story by:

Steve Beckow
is founder of The 2012 Scenario, Achieving World Peace Now, and Cross-Cultural Spirituality blogsites and a member of the InLight Radio group, founded by Graham Dewyea. He lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. He attended the University of British Columbia, Carelton University, and the University of Toronto, graduating with a Masters degree in Canadian History. Steve is a member of Mensa Canada. He began his career as a Cultural Historian for the National Museum of Man (now the Canadian Museum of Civilization) where he published articles redefining the fields of cultural history, popular culture, and artifact studies. He finished his working life as a Member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, his chief interest being gender issues. Steve has written around 40 books and a few hundred articles, many of them pseudonymously. He has created websites on enlightenment, the common ground of spirituality, life on the spirit planes, global gender persecution, automation, the truth of 9/11, the dangers of depleted uranium, and the 2012 scenario.

Usually I view February 2nd as the rebirth of the year. It’s the time of the Chinese New Year, and spring is close enough so that I count the weeks or watch the buds on the trees and guess the number of days until the renewal of the life force. This year, I felt spring, the wild rush life on the winter solstice when everything oddly changed for me with the arrival of the “light of the New World.”

The new energy feels soft and lovely to me. Amazed by its apparent thrust into the cells of my body, it felt completely different from any personal perceptions of spiritual energy, which were created in the past. It felt like dawn, the softness of the morning when a gentle blue of light strikes the mountain and comes in waves. It caresses the mountains and delineates the trees, making their green color apparent, then vivid in hue. With its magical quality, it turns the world blue for five or ten minutes and then the world appears “as normal.”

After dealing with the harsh energy of solar flares and geomagnetic shifts throughout last year, I wasn’t prepared for its feminine gentle quality, and I was surprised to find the energy revitalizing, like an alchemical tincture that gives life. I didn’t expect soft waves of energy or a high frequency that whispered, “Stay with me. When you can stay here, everything will work out perfectly.” But I couldn’t hold it – I found myself traveling in and out of it, up and down and all around. If I tried to identify or hold the vibration, it slipped away subtly.

So I found that if I reflected on the feeling of the vibration, it stayed with me more often. How did it feel? It feels like gentle waves with a feminine soft love, caressing and loving every particle of my existence into a higher frequency of love. The love has a particular flavor, and it’s one with which I am not yet familiar. I know it only briefly before it departs.

In my experience, it was very yin, female light that flooded my DNA and physical tissues. Soothing and enlightening, it came with my breath. The energy grew for three or four days. I felt myself becoming lighter and happier. Then it dissipated, bringing grief, sorrow, anger and lower emotions to the surface.

Interestingly, the lower emotions came and departed, returning my soul to the higher vibration. With each exit of lower emotion, I felt that I soared higher. After another week of vacillating emotion, I felt the energy pointed to several areas of my life that needed changing. The pointing finger returns whenever I consider turning around or leaving issues for future change.

Frankly I don’t always know what the change will be. I simply ask for direction from my soul and try to follow the feeling toward the future, observing often when my “given” perspective wavers. I’ve thought many times, “if only I could hold the wave of energy and not bounce about with the waves of life that cause me to descend and ascend.” On the other hand, I suspect everyone is learning how to hold the wave. In time, we’ll bring magic, harmony and beauty to the earth by raising our light level.

In the meanwhile, I thought to share a few tips and observations. Some of these thoughts are my own insights, and others are in response to students and their questions.

It’s Okay IF:

You didn’t feel anything during the solstice, and you don’t know what I’m talking about. If you didn’t feel anything, you will feel it later. The people, who felt it strongly, established a devoted meditation or spiritual practice long ago. As life changes, anyone – with an open heart and true desire to experience the energy – will receive it.

Your heart, throat or solar plexus feel weird. These chakras are opening more fully and receiving more light in the front and back of the spine. They can cause colds or sore throats. The solar plexus and throat chakra are paired chakras. If you hide your power and light, your solar plexus is probably partially closed. You can imagine radiating light from the solar plexus and seeing power radiate from your abdomen. Many of us have refused to create out of fear of miscreation, but it’s okay. Give it a try. If you create something you don’t want, change the visual and see it working out.

As the throat chakra opens, it becomes more important to speak our personal truth, and part of truth is boundaries. It’s hard to speak clearly when you’ve spent eons hiding your magic and light, or as a healer who helps everyone and gives away their energy. Go ahead and speak up. Practice makes perfect. We’re all learning.

The heart chakra brings up grief, sadness and love. Strange combination, isn’t it? Memories may flash at a vivid rate or sadness comes up over seemingly nothing. The chest and heart space are throwing off old energy. You can observe it, experience and let go. It’s part of clearing karma.

You don’t feel like seeing people or walking around in the world. As the heart chakra and upper chakras open to receive more light, we become increasingly sensitive to the vibrations around us. You’ve probably become more psychic with the wave of new energy and the thinning of the veil between the spiritual and physical worlds. It’s difficult to handle what you’re picking up from people. You’re probably reading their field and taking on their lower energies. It’s helpful to pull back if you begin imagining or perceiving details about other people’s lives.

Light workers do this without awareness. There’s a heart-felt desire to help everyone and radiate light into the world. Your desire can get the better of you so it’s best to imagine protection of some sort, pull your aura into the body or arrive home intact. The same phenomena takes place with friends (or family) so learn when you feel tired. Limit phone calls and interactions to a time period that works for you. This change is also helpful in weeding away people who don’t have your best interests at heart.

You experience anger, anxiety, sadness or irritation. It’s normal to feel unstable emotions when traveling through spiritual life. Oscillating emotions are actually an indication of increasing light. Think about it: when life stays the same, emotions reflect it.

Light brings everything to surface. We don’t notice patterns of emotion until they are in our face, and the internal dialog becomes louder before the pattern leaves. It’s helpful to observe one or two emotions each day. Make note of the time of day and the person or events surrounding it.

I like to use the following dialog. Have I felt this way for most of my life? (Yes.) Does this feeling occur at regular intervals or periods during my life? (Yes.) Is it possible that my feeling cause or create the situations in my life? (Yes.) Do I lack boundaries here? (Yes.) Okay, so some part of me is involved in creating this? (Yes.)

From here, I use the techniques learned taught by my Tibetan dream teacher, Lama Tantrapa. Can I dream up a different version of life? Could this part of my life exist as a personal nightmare, a mistake in my emotions or thoughts that pulls a specific scenario? If so, how I can dream differently? What would I prefer to experience?

Additionally I attempt to observe the emotion because an observer state in quantum physics alters the outcome of any situation. I send light and love to the fragmented part of me, which is increasing its presence through odd emotions. I also try not to react. I relive the situation later and see myself with a new response, words or feelings. (It’s more interesting if you work with creativity, and it’s hard to hold a victim state when you’re curious.)

You have a strong desire to express your gifts or take a particular action but don’t know how. Ask for an intuition and act on it. (It’s okay if it’s not the right one. Only practice brings skill with intuition.) At some point, you’ll have to take a leap. Nothing magical happens with the big jump from this reality into the next one. That takes courage. Practice the “jump” in your mind if you can’t do it yet.

You experience odd feelings about time and space. Personally I’ve noticed time goes faster with repetitive days and extends into a very slow rhythm when I’m extremely happy. Perhaps, time is reflecting and aligning with our personal rhythm. (In general, time seems to slow down when outdoors, and a slower perception of time is associated with lower brain rhythms, such as alpha or theta.)

Sometimes, there is a feeling of time warp – strong memories of another time, place or lifetime – at particular geographical locations. I’ve noticed the strengthening of this pattern. Sometimes we may feel as if we’re not sure if we dreamed of doing something or actually performed the action. This is likely related to the shift into the higher dimension, with more flexibility and plasticity in “reality.”

A Few Tips for the Shift

1) The energy is very conscious and expansive. It expands whatever mood state you’re currently experiencing, as well as internal dialog.

2) There is no internal dialog when you’re connected to the Divine. You can feel or hear the right action and move toward it. Sometimes, there is confusion when you’re drawn in a new direction. If so, observe both sides of the inner dialog. Take a few seconds and visualize the best possible future, take a 5 minute action or simply let go.

3) When enmeshed in emotion or thought, stop everything if you can. Meditate, practice meditative movement or do something creative that makes you happy. (If you ponder the lack of harmony or alignment with the higher self, it grows. It’s better to return to Source.)

4) Spend time with you. Ask what you would do in this moment if you really loved you? If you can’t do it, then visualize it. Try to take a few times each day to practice this exercise. The answers are usually the same so you can add a few self-loving practices every week. Your inner self knows what you need. It’s important to listen.

5) Put you and your soul growth first. This energy will never come in this form again. By looking to see if you’re moving toward the soul, you align with the energetic flow.

6) Accept wherever you are and appreciate it for a few seconds. It’s a great gift to be alive right now.
Take the time, money and energy to work through problems with readings, body work and exercise. Practiced energy workers can

7) take you through blocks quickly. Investing in yourself and your personal growth changes your life.

8) Meditate every day. Meditating two or three times every day is even better. Feel the connection with the universe and expand it outward. Imagine receiving your heart’s desires. You truly deserve it. Take the time to create them. (For anyone who would like to try it, I’m sharing my morning meditation below. It helps me.)

Morning Meditation
It’s best to begin by sitting in an appealing landscape. I like to begin by focusing on the line of the horizon or the curve of the sky. I close my eyes and feel the earth and its various forms, the plants, trees and rocks. Then I focus on my heart and allow energy to flow through my heart chakra. I breathe through my heart chakra for a minute or two.

Here’s the meditation:

1) Close your eyes. Ask light to flow into your light being, the ethereal being within yourself. Ask for more light until you can feel it flowing into you. (At this point, I can “see” the light in the objects around me. Sometimes, the sun grows brighter.)

2) Ask for the light to flow through the outer tissues, into the cells and the spaces between them. Ask the light to enter in the yin, the hidden part of the body containing organs and bones. When the light process is complete, ask the light to balance the inner and outer body.

3) Let the light flood the face, the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair and skin.

4) Let the light come into the heart chakra. Let it pour into the other chakras.

5) Let the light come into the back and pour into the back of the chakras.

6) Feel your aura around you. Feel the inner light as one form and the outer light in the world as another. Let them come together. Sit in the light for four or five minutes.

7) The entire practice takes at least ten to fifteen minutes. Don’t rush it.

Story by:
Julia Griffin
is an intuitive healer who has successfully transformed the lives of thousands of people through her manifestation and meditative techniques. Julia’s services include counseling sessions and classes teaching students to align their focus on identifying the feeling of the soul and following their inner path.

Human Design

Von Sylvia Leifheit, 05.02.13 19:10

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science. As a tool that thousands are using, your Human Design chart reveals an optimal way for you to operate in the world as yourself. It’s like discovering the laws of physics, but at a personal and interpersonal level.

Unlike astrology, derived from only one calculation, Human Design uses two calculations thereby illuminating both the conscious and unconscious aspects of your being. For many years psychologists have been searching to define the unconscious, as clearly over time they’ve discovered people have “hidden” parts. We ourselves know that as we move through life, more and more people have commented about aspects about ourselves that we’re not aware of. Over time we’ve come to accept these aspects of ourselves even though we have no conscious access to how they operate. Your personalized chart reveals your unconscious nature, which is keyed at a point in your fetal development, as well as your conscious nature, which begins at the moment of your birth.

Taking these two data points, your conscious birthday (the one you’ve been celebrating since you were born) and your unconscious birthday (approximately three months earlier), a chart is drawn up showing the specific planetary imprinting at those times. One could ask, “Why should I care where the planets were when I was born?” In the grand scheme of things, it actually turns out to be quite significant.

Neutrinos, as one of the most frequently occurring sub-atomic particles, are penetrating us all the time. Created in the stars themselves, these neutrinos have mass. Because of that they are endowed with the ability to transfer information from the various objects they are penetrating. It’s like when the white car scrapes the red car in the parking lot; each drives off with paint from the other. Thus, the movement of neutrinos throughout our Solar System and its planets creates an informational landscape that is specific at each moment of the day as delineated by the planets’ positions. The database that is created from your two birthdays shows the exact planetary snapshot of those two crucial moments in your history.

For millennium the position of the planets has been tracked using the 360° of the zodiacal wheel. Unlike astrology, which is focused on the relationships between objects on the outside (i.e. their mathematical relationship to each other), Human Design brings the information from the outside, inside and into the body. As a new science, Human Design has established the relationship between the zodiacal wheel and another ancient study, the 64 hexagrams of the I’ Ching, which are also related to the 64 codons of our DNA. Thus, through the synthesis of ancient methods with current sub-atomic particle physics and modern genetics, Human Design shows us our unique individual place in the larger whole. Like acupuncture, which relates primal elements to meridians in the body, these 64 hexagrams relate specifically to the Nine Centers depicted in the bodygraph, as illustrated below.

Distributed throughout the Nine Centers, these hexagrams (or “gates”) in pairs create the channels in the bodygraph connecting centers in specific configurations. When planetary imprinting activates both gates at either end of a channel, the result is called “definition.” This is very recognizable in the bodygraph, as the centers on either end of that channel, as well as the channel itself, are now colored in. Transferring both your specific conscious and unconscious data to the bodygraph creates your individualized template. The energetic system represented by the bodygraph is comprised of Nine Centers or “hubs,” each representing a particular aspect of what it means to be human. Like DNA, which determines our differentiation, the way these centers are defined shows your uniqueness or how you are differentiated from others. Four of these centers are motors and therefore the source of our energy.

The Head Center is where we find the mental pressure of inspiration that fuels the conceptualizing of the mind.

The Ajna Center, as an awareness center, is the conceptualizing system that makes sense, understands, or knows what
the inspiration from the Head Center is all about.

The Throat Centeris metamorphic taking those concepts and turning them into language and thereby creating our
ability to articulate. When this center is connected to one of the four motors through definition, physical manifestation
i.e. to act rather than just speak, is possible.

The Splenic Centerhouses our immune system. As our primary awareness center, it is focused on our survival
and serves to protect us.

Our identity and direction in life come from the G Center. Guiding us along the line of our geometry in life, it is both
movement and love.

The Heart Center(also known as the Ego Center) is responsible for establishing the vitality of communities in the world, which takes courage and will power. As one of the four motors, it is a powerful source of what drives tribal life on the material plane.

As the prime motor of the body, the Sacral Center, generates life itself as a response mechanism.

The Solar Plexus Center has two aspects. As a motor, it drives our human life and its cyclical process, as well as our sexuality. But it also contains the chemistry of our emotional system, which we interpret and live out as a wave that goes from hope to pain and back again.

The other pressure center in the body, the Root Center, is a physical pressure system. As a motor, it produces adrenaline and stress hormones that fuel our survival, sexuality, and the life force itself.

Four blood types that have evolved over time in humanity. Interestingly enough, Human Design has validated that at the genetic imprint level, there are also four types of human beings. There are specific strategies for the individual types in Human Design.

Since Human Design deals directly with our energetic systems, we begin by seeing that the four types fall into two categories: energy types and non-energy types. Together they are what makes the world operate in harmony, as each needs the other, neither being better or worse, but each essential for humanity’s development. The energy types come from two possible configurations within the bodygraph:

• Any time the Sacral Center is defined (colored in), one is a Generator type

• When one of the three other motors (Heart Center, Solar Plexus, or Root Center) is connected to the Throat Center through definition, one is a Manifestor type.

Individuals with either of these configurations are endowed with a consistent energy source, which becomes a driving force in their life.

• The other two types of human beings are part of the non-energy category.

• One is the Projector, whose definition configuration can range from the very simple to complex. The Heart Center, Solar Plexus, or Root Center may be defined, but not to the throat. The Sacral Center is not defined.
• Someone with none of the centers defined is a Reflector.

Each of the four types has a specific strategy to follow that will eliminate the resistance in their life. Though there are only four strategies, each is within the context of the uniqueness of each individual’s chart.

GENERATORS: Life is about the Right Work
Want to know themselves; self knowledge; discover inner world; “know thyself”
Wait to Respond, life is a response.

Go to bed when you are exhausted.

Get a job; it’s about their life’s work.
Can respond moment to moment.
Can respond to anything.

THEME: frustration. Can feel stuck or trapped.

MANIFESTORS: Looking for the Right Life
Wants to know the outside world, the resistance field, what has been in their way, what has been opposing them.

Go to bed before you are tired.

Get them to ask “who do my actions impact?” They often don’t realize nor are they conscious of it.

Anything they have or want, they have to go and get “it” as it doesn’t come to them; they must “do it”

Informing let’s them take advantage or have an advantage in the situation

Looking for a life; into the secret of life

Need to know the outer world

THEME: Anger

PROJECTORS: Looking for the Right Life to live
“Who is the Other? How do they impact me?”
Don’t be the first to speak.

Go to bed before you’re tired - read, watch television.

Need their own space to get away from the sacral buzz, especially when sleeping

They are the natural students of mankind; need to study in detail. Need the details

Knows who the other is and whether or not the other is for them; they just recognize it

Looking for a life; into the secret of life

Looks for recognition and in turn recognize the other. Who they are.

THEME: exhaustion and bitterness

Annoyed at wasted energy
The first conservationists

Can be “cheap” and over control resources

REFLECTORS: Looking for the Right Place to be
“Who are they?” – conditioned by the environment not by an individual

“How am I?- not “Who am I?” - they are the place not the person

They are the barometers of society - the weather report.

THEME: disappointment

Design of Forms:
All forms have a design and activations consistent with the bodygraph. There are cross-specie connections between humans and mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and plants. All of these bring their own frequency of conditioning to our human process and we to theirs. We create hybrid plants, breed animals, and are beginning to clone our own species.

Splenic fear of:
18 Authority
28 Death
32 Failure
50 Responsibility
44 The Past
57 Tomorrow
48 Inadequacy

Mental anxiety over:
47 Futility
24 Ignorance
4 Chaos
11 Darkness
43 Rejection
17 Challenge

Emotional nervousness about:
30 Fate
55 Emptiness
49 Nature
6 Intimacy
37 Tradition
22 Silence
36 Inadequacy

Seven Gates of Love:
41 Love of dreams
58 Love of perfection
40 Love of work
28 Love of life
44 Love of talent
10 Love of self
55 Love of loving

Story by:

Randy Richmond
Is the Chairman of the Human Design Standards Board (from 2000), and is the Registrar of the International Human Design School in charge of certification of new Human Design analysts. Randy was educated privately in the Human Design System by Ra Uru Hu in 1999 and has continued his education in all the classes taught by Ra since that time. Randy has worked in the field of alcoholism and drug addiction for 35 years. He uses the Human Design System to tailor recovery strategies with the unique definition of the individual chart. (see He is the author of Side by Side, a synthesis of the 12 Step Programs and a Course in Miracles. He is an Egyptologist with the University of Arizona and a life member of Mensa.

So often we are not sure of what to do or even how to figure out what to do. Here is a song, drawn through both Gordon and myself as an improvisation during a live concert. This song’s text calls upon Mary, an aspect of the Divine Feminine, for guidance to bring us clear vision so that we might know our next step. Having this clarity of sight, we are able to align ourselves with the wisdom of Sophia, another aspect of Divine Feminine.

Clarity of Vision is usually associated with the Third Eye or 6th chakra. Here it is the basis upon which inspiration takes place. Rather than creating only an ability to see, this song helps the listener move through into acting upon their vision.

My blessings to all,

Norma Gentile
Sound shaman, is a natural intuitive and channel for Mary, Archangel Michael and the Hathors. She trained as both a professional singer and energy worker. She maintains a private healing practice, offering sessions in English and Spanish, as well as singing healing concerts and teaching workshops. Her CD of live sound healings, Songs of Spirit, is available in the Maat Shop. Norma's CD Songs of Spirit, is available in the Ma'at Shop or together with her other recordings at

A live improvisation from Spirit

Norma Gentile, voice

Gordon Johnston, harp

(click first link to listen)