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Shannon Veronica Maiuri is A Multi-Gifted Intuitive Medium. She Is Blessed With So Many Spiritual Gifts From Above. New Gifts Come to Her As She Keeps Moving Along With Her Path In Life That She Was Born To Live and Discover With Painful Lessons. Without Those Hard Painful Lessons Shannon Would Not Be Where She Is Today. It Has Been Along Journey For Her To Get to Where She Is at Today, But This is The Path and Life Purpose She Chose Before She Came Into This Earth Plane. She Is Still Amazed At What SPIRIT Says To Her And She Still Feels The Need For Validations At Times, Yet Spirit Has Never Let Her Down. She Is As Human As Everyone Else.. She Is Just a Vessel For Spirits Communication to flow through Her In MANY Different Ways To Help Others and Also Understand You Are Never Alone.. You Have Everything You Need At The Palm Of Your Hands.. JUST ASK! Shannon, Like You Is Still Learning Everyday and Will Continue To Learn. This Is Her Path, This Is Her Life Journey She Chose To Do. She Is So Blessed And So Thankful to Be Able To Be The Vessel Of Communication For Spirit, Loved Ones, Guides and All The Highest and Finest Level Entities That Only Walk With The White Light Of The Holy Spirit To Help Others.

I Realized My Gifts Early on as a Child, But With Religious Beliefs Growing Up Catholic My Family Always Pushed That Away From Me. I Eventually Blocked My Gifts Out Thinking I Was Just Crazy But Still Knew Deep Down there Was Something More.. But What?! I Had A Lot Of Hard Lessons In My Life Since I Was a Little Girl.. At The Age Of 3 (Which I Remembers Clearly) My Uncle Shot and Killed my One and Only Grandfather Whom I So Cherished and Loved So Dearly. It Was Said That My Uncle Had Schizophrenia, But I Always Knew It Was Something More Deep Down. After That The Maiuri Family Fell Apart And When I Say Fell Apart I Mean FELL APART. Secrets In Every Direction, Lies, Deceit, No Longer Able To See My Father Who Was My World, Brain Washed In Every Direction With Every aspect Of Life, Her Family Dying One After another. I Felt Like It Was The Maiuri Curse. In November 2009 My grandmother Who Basically Raised Me Passed at The Age Of 81. As I was With My Grandmother Every Day In Her Dying Days I Noticed Things That Were happening While She Was Passing. She Was talking and Seeing Her Relatives, She Was reliving Her Life All Over Again, She Was acting Like She was Working, Cooking, Eating, Etc, Everything She Used To Do. She Said Her Goodbyes To everyone and So Badly Wanted to Go To Church. She Was So Happy To Be Going Back to Her True Home With All The Love, Joy, Happiness, Peacefulness You could ever Imagine. That Sunday Morning Me and My Husband Went To See Her In The Morning, Deep Down I knew This Would Be The Day That She Would Return To Her True Home. As Grandma Layed There almost Breathless My Husband and I At Her sides Holding Her Hands as I said "Thank You Grandma For Everything You have Done And Gave Me In This Life. I Love you" and at That Moment Grandma Took Her Last Breath and Was On Her Way Back To Her True Home. That Is When I Started to Realize I Knew There Was Something More In This Life. That Is When I started To Read and Research. I Started to More Empathic (feeling) With Other Beings as Well As Situations, I Started Hearing More But Of course Would Never follow That inner Voice Of Which I Now Know was Spirit. I Started Seeing Things again angels, Entities, and so on, But Would Never Say a Word. I thought I Was Losing My Mind. Went to Doctor after Doctor With No diagnosis Except Anxiety. It Was Not Until 2010 When I Would Get Clear as Day Visions and These Awful Feelings Of My Father Killing Himself. I would Get These Visions and Feelings Doing The Dishes, Watching T.V. In My Dreams, Anytime of day and Anywhere. I would tell My Children and My Husband Of These Visions and Of Course Thinking I'm Crazy, But This Was Different... This Was a KNOWING, I Just Didn't Know when But I Knew It Would Be Sooner then Later. On January 19 2011 I Got a Phone Call That They Found My Father On The Naples Pier In Florida Dead, That He Had Intentionally Overdosed. I Thought To Myself How Can A Person In Life Loose Her Whole family In 29 Years. How is this Even Possible? I Was Very Angry and Felt all alone For a While Until One Day The Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, and so on Came on Much Stronger. There Was a Voice Inside That said "SHANNON THIS IS THE LIFE YOU CHOSE, THESE ARE THE LESSONS YOU CHOSE TO OVERCOME NOT ONLY FOR YOUR SOUL TO GROW AND LEARN BUT TO PUT YOU ON THE LIFE PATH YOU CHOSE BEFORE YOU CAME TO THIS EARTHLY PLANE". That Was The day My New Journey, My New Life, My Path Unfolding In front Of Me, My Mission To Help Others In Life, All Began. My Gifts From The Divine are So Precious To Me That Without all Those Lessons I mentioned (and Those Were just a Few) I Would Not Be Where I am today.. I would Not Be My "TRUE SPIRITUAL SELF" Thank you To My Guides, Angels, Father and Mother God and All The White Light Entities For Pushing and Nudging Me To Get Me On The Right Path. I Am Truly Blessed To Be able To Connect With Spirit In So many Different Ways. I Am So Thankful Everyday For The Life I Chose and Choose To Live.

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